With All My Heart

jars+of+clayThere is a foundation in your faith that supports all the rest.  This foundation was laid when you abandoned your self and accepted King Yeshua as Lord and Savior.  It was as small and hidden as conception, like a seed germinating deep in the dark soil.  Yet in this spark was life and power beyond anything seen in the natural world, greater than earthquakes, volcanic eruption, hurricane winds, lightning strikes.  The work of salvation, new birth, redemption, through the resurrection power of the blood of the lamb is solely the work of God’s hand.  The Holy Spirit impartation to the new believer is the same power of God hidden in jars of clay.  It is resurrection power that produces a new creation, in Messiah Yeshua.

Our faith is grounded in the unchanging all-powerful God.  Our God is a jealous God.  He wants all of us, everything we are and will be.  All He starts comes to fruition and finds completion in His perfect will.  That immovable foundation in your faith sets a boundary for a wandering heart.  It shakes every temporal structure that is razed to dust, but everything that exalts the name of Yeshua and conforms to His Word is fashioned into a hidden life devoted to God’s will.  Our life in Messiah is the one and only pursuit worthy of the Children of the day.

There is a fire burning deep within you.  It is being continually stoked with spiritual fuel that flares up to create a yearning and desire to cry out to God, “More, more of you, God.” In your innermost being there resides a place that only God’s presence can satisfy.  We may be distracted by the cares of the world or tempted by the enemy, but the fire within draws you back to the single purpose, the highest calling, the one true spring of water welling up to eternal life.  This is our treasure and undying hope, irrespective of the natural physical desires that temporarily seem significant, but are truly just a shadow fading as a single day.

All life begins with God.  This is your purpose – to be loved and to love.  This started when you believed, rejoiced and surrendered to Him.  He set you free and with that freedom your desire was only for Him, more of Him.  It is His presence for which we long and search, but He has never moved nor forsaken us in our pilgrimage in this world.  You will give all to Him.  You will say, “Yes” to Him.  You have acknowledged Him before men. You have desired to be like Him, as you follow in His paths.  You have suffered and been ill-treated because of Him, but you count it as nothing in light of His glory and grace.  You know that every virtue, every favor and blessing is a gift of God’s grace.  In all your failings and weakness He has lifted you up and carried you in His arms.  You know that your hands are empty and you have nothing to bring to the King of Kings, though He is worthy of all.  So you cast yourself at His feet to be a servant, a door keeper in His house. He accepts you as you are, and His love washes over you.  He claims you as His own child and puts His approval upon you.

This is your hope of glory, Messiah Yeshua in you.  He is there accomplishing God’s will through you.  It was the mystery of the ages, but believers understand and see it.  We know the love of God and have become to rely upon it.  It is this love that draws us, keeps us, and empowers us.  A gift among the many lavished upon us individually and collectively is praise and worship of God.  Hereby we enter into communion, first with Father God, through Messiah Yeshua by Holy Spirit, and then with all creation in heaven and earth singing, bowing low, exalting Him, worshipping the almighty one true God of all.  To Him be all glory, majesty, honor and praise.

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