Fluff vs Substance

lazarus-raisedI was reading a book about writing in which the author described with her most descriptive language the passion and motivation she has for writing.  In her first chapter she said, write a draft without expecting perfection.  In the next she advised to write about what you know, feel, and see around you.  In the third she urged freedom from care in planning, construction and classical form.  However, like some preachers, she took three chapters to express the gist contained in three sentences above.

It makes me question whether I have been talking about things that are just fine points and amplification of things on the periphery.  Have I emphasized emotion and bolstered sentimental intentions above the Word of Truth.  The trappings of self-righteousness pile up around the religious person, but they hide and hinder true righteousness.  Just as self-flagellation is abhorrent and contrary to any real act of contrition, surrender, submission, obedience or love.  What I yearn for is substantial, not necessarily physical, but true in reality.  This is the Word of God in action, dividing between soul and spirit, like the words of Yeshua, “Lazarus, Come out”.  Lazarus returned to life, rose up, and walked out of his tomb.  The record does not describe anyone asking,  “Hey, Laz what was it like to be dead?”  The resurrection of Lazarus, a foreshadowing of what would shortly happen to Yeshua, was the substance.  The return of a beloved brother to his sisters, through God’s compassion and by the undeniable power of the one true Messiah and God of Israel, the fulfillment of ancient prophecy.  “The Lord brings death and makes alive; he brings down to the grave and raises up.” (1 Samuel 2: 6, also see Isa. 35: 5-6; 61: 1; Luke 7:22; Ps. 146:8).  The preeminent sign and evidence of God’s power is life.  Yeshua restored many to life, the daughter of the ruler, the widows only son, Lazarus and many at his own resurrection. (Luke 8: 53-55; Luke 7:15, John 11; Matt. 27: 52-53).  So, this is what I seek – life, resurrection life, that transcends the dead things of this world.

May each of us take thought of Yeshua, His ways, means, words, and indwelling Holy Spirit presence that brings life now and forevermore.


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