That’s Hard to Believe

pedro liberto da prisãoThis is a phrase we have all uttered upon hearing certain tales.  My wife and I have discovered that movies based on true stories are usually our favorites because truth is stranger than fiction.  Men may be particularly interested in hearing and telling stories that make credibility difficult to attain, but I’m not talking about exaggeration.  The nature of the infinite Lord God almighty, who is Spirit, invisible, and exalted far above everything in creation causes us to stretch beyond our senses and grasp the reality of His word and deed with faith.  Just to offer one poor illustration, the sun has an area of 1.3 million earths; it’s heat of up to twenty-seven million deg. F would melt the earth instantly if it touched it, but the sun is like then a warm marble in God’s hand.

God causes His power to work in and through mankind.  God is working in every believer, even weak, fallible, timid, humble, insecure, fearful, and ordinary people such as you and I.  Now, that’s hard to believe.  However, it is true as much as every believer has the Holy Spirit within and God gives the Spirit without limit.  Moreover, His incomparably great power at work in us is like the power that raised Yeshua from the dead.  With resurrection power all things are possible.

Peter denied he knew the Lord three times, but before that, he told Yeshua that he would die with him.  Peter spoke from himself when he said it, that’s why he had no power to do it.  Later, Peter spoke by the Spirit and healed many; proclaimed the good news of Yeshua before three thousand who accepted it, and was first to deliver the saving message of Yeshua to the rest of the world.  It is by the Spirit of God that any good or great thing is accomplished in or through us.  We are broken, weak jars of clay in whom dwell the treasure of God.

Begin to believe the truth of God’s word again today.  When God says ask and you will receive, bank on it.  When He says, all things are possible to those who believe, believe it, even though you can not explain it or see it happening around you.  With respect to all things regarding God, His Word, King Yeshua, and the Holy Spirit within, all you have to do is believe.

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