The Bride of Messiah

bride-of-yahshua_comeThe body of Messiah is united now in Yeshua and is born of the Promise and Spirit.  Every leading of the Holy Spirit is in perfect accord with each member of the body moving in a beautiful and elegant rhythm of motion toward Yeshua.  The body of Messiah is His bride and they will become one.  The Bride’s worship and praise rises with the sun and travels around the globe in one unending proclamation of God’s love, majesty, holiness, and authority in coordinated melodies orchestrated by the Holy Spirit, restarting with each revolution, endless and unending in variation.  The bride of Messiah is coming together in a process of transforming holiness, beauty, and maturity.  The bride is not yet complete, but she is on a journey and path that leads to a certain and longed for union with her Messiah.

Her betrothal was two thousand years ago and there is much more glory building such that in the last days she will be clothed in wedding attire without blemish or stain.  She will be radiant with righteousness and sanctification from the bridegroom who bought her with His own blood.  All the saints who loved God more than life will sparkle in her eyes and she will be clothed in the righteous acts of God’s holy people.  She will reflect the Lord’s glory and His exceeding greatness.  Mystery’s set in place ages past will be revealed in the story of God’s unconditional love, full of purpose and meaning, weaving together, uniting the cascades of time and wonder into an overflowing narrative exceeding mortal comprehension, but revealed before the host of heaven to God’s infinite glory and majesty.

Scripture references:

Eph. 5: 30

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Eph. 5: 32

2 Cor. 2: 18

Rev. 19: 7-8

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