One Flesh

There is an old saying, “Behind every great man is a woman.”  The point is that a man’s wife is crucial to his success. However, this adage is out of favor in this current climate of political correctness for many reasons.  Chief among its problems is that one might assume the woman is subservient to the “great” man.  How chauvinist, how arrogant could men be.

I was in college during the height of the modern feminist movement, where the ERA, Equal Rights Amendment, was debated in the public square.  I married a woman who would quickly admit to being a proponent of women’s rights.  If she didn’t, she would have burned her bra, if necessary.  I worked under mostly women supervisors for most of my career.  I took my daughter to “Take your daughter to work day”, where I was the only father in the audience. The Director of our organization began to slander and denigrate men horribly at the opening of the event.  My daughter whispered that she was horrified and repulsed by this feminist tirade.  I sat there quietly listening while all the woman looked to see how I would respond, but I said nothing.  Women of lesser qualifications and achievement advanced ahead of  me in my career.  I’m not bitter, I only mention this as evidence of my experience with this subject.

The thing is – most men need a women’s support, advice, input, and love to maximize their potential.  Feminist may even find fault with this statement, but it’s true.  God gave woman to man as a help.  The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone.  I will make a helper suitable for him.” (Gen. 2: 18).  Scripture explains that God’s provision of woman was why marriage was instituted.  “That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh.” (Gen. 2: 24).  As one flesh, there is no competition, envy, or pride.

This old adage is generally true and gained popularity because it accurately ascribed credit to the woman for her husband’s success.  I believe my service, support, and love for my wife may have equally assisted in her achievement. Our thumb opposes our fingers and distinguishes humans from most animals and an opposing thumb allowed the use and development of tools.  We see that there is no competition between the parts of one body, even in opposition they are about one purpose.

Here is my encouragement – women do not underestimate the value, necessity, and strength that you have to help your husband, through love, support, and service.  God knew that he needed you and made you just right for this purpose. Yes, a husband has a duty and responsibility to help, provide and love you.  Neither chauvinist, nor feminist arguments will bring any good to marriage.  Let’s commit our lives to one another and fulfill God’s purposes through our different genders to God’s glory and majesty.

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