What Matters

This question could be relative depending on whom and what is the subject.  I would like to consider you and I the subject, but leave providence as to what is considered.  Providence means God’s protective care, divine intervention, predestination and timely preparation for future eventualities.  In the context of the cosmos, do we even matter at all?  This is the trouble with relativity, it can hide the truth.  As an accountant I worked with billions and hundreds of billions of dollars. After many years in this environment, a million here or there seemed insignificant.  Nevertheless, to me personally a hundred dollars is significant.  We get confused by relative thinking particularly as it relates to what matters.  Among the cosmos we are like dust, here for a moment, then blown away with the winds of time, but what is truth.

The Truth is – You and I are of infinite worth and almost everything that concerns us matters.  This is true because God said so; He gave His only son to die for our redemption; we are made in the image of God, and He chose to put within every believer His Holy Spirit, (the treasure of God in earthen vessels).  There are many other reasons, such as, He placed mankind over His creation on earth and He has a destiny for man to judge angels and occupy heaven in His presence. (1 Cor. 6: 3).  Each person is precious, especially children whose angels behold the face of God. (Matt. 18: 10).  My friend and I were talking about what matters and I said that Yeshua is Messiah our Savior and the supreme being – The God/man.  He replied that he didn’t see God as a person, but that he thought God was in everything.  I didn’t say it, but is God in a dead rat or poison ivy.  God said, His dwelling place is in men.  This is our destiny, one for which we are designed – to be a temple for God. (2 Cor. 6: 16).  In the light of God’s love, purpose, and design, you and I are significant, so much so, that we should question what doesn’t matter; for all believers are destined for glory in His presence.

Even unbelievers sense that there is a purpose greater than living selfishly, growing old, and dying.  In the 70’s, there was a song entitled, “Stardust”, with the lyrics, “…We are golden and we’ve got to get back to the garden…”.  It was an innate sense of destiny they sang about, but they rejected (or didn’t know) that Yeshua was the only way to fulfill our destiny/purpose. However, many in that generation did accept Jesus and those hippies are still singing His praise today.  Lord, reveal yourself to this new generation that they may turn from worthless ideas to the living God.


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