Wisdom in Two Men

I had two uncles, one on my father’s side another on my mother’s side, who epitomized wisdom to me.  My father’s people were from the western part of the state where the land was flat and cotton was king.  My mother’s family was from the east where the hills and hollows made good bottom land scarce and tobacco was the cash crop.  Apart from this, they both enjoyed a good laugh and each had a quick wit.  They were both older than my parents and each had lived a life full of hard work.  However, that life of difficult labor hadn’t broken their spirit or love of life.  I never heard either of them complain and participate in idle chatter, but they never projected any disdain for others who did.  It may be that working in periods of long silence day after day brings a peace with quietness and solitude.

The wisdom I observed in each of these men came from this foundation of hard work together with responsibility, experience and humility.  Both my parents held these men in esteem and would seek out their counsel in various matters of concern.  My father once remarked, “it’s hard to get a word out of him”, referring to my uncle Hollis, who like my uncle Wesley, was careful with his words, particularly in regard to advice and counsel.  Others in their respective family branches offered similar respect for these men who lived hundreds of miles apart, in very different environments, never met each other, but exercised a wisdom from God that grew from long years of faith and faithfulness.  Both lived long lives and achieved the things in life that God rewards to those who fear Him, but the blessing of wisdom flowed out to their family, friends, co-workers, and spanned generations.  At my uncle’s funeral, more than one person expressed,  “He was the best man I ever knew.”

I doubt that either of these men would agree with my assessment of their wisdom, because it didn’t originate or belong to them, it had been a gift from God, for His glory, and His supernatural workings are most often invisible except by faith. Moreover, humility makes one blind to things that exalt a man, whereas pride illuminates these while hiding imminent destruction.  My two uncles were not associated with great men of the world and they were not educated in the world’s ways, but they will be great in the company of heavens host and they each left a legacy that endures among the spreading family.

I hope you have people in your life like this who will inspire and motivate you to embrace God’s instruction, guidance, and peace as He leads you to be the distinct light of your destiny in your position within the family of Man.


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