Authority Over Earth

First, we must cling to truth, otherwise we will be tossed about like waves on the sea.  A person or nation who abandons their identity is lost.  Relationships, character, truth, justice, liberty, faith and purpose are the things that give life meaning and substance.  Secondly, we must understand that mankind is not the ruler of this earth.  We did not construct it, we do not sustain it, and we can not destroy it by our existence or will.  This should seem basic and obvious, but in the  Humanistic reasoning of today’s public debate and media, most things are upside down and mixed up, so as to unreasonably exalt mankind and deny God entirely.

God made the world and assigned man to rule over the animals, but He did not abandon the earth or mankind.  Man is subject to the forces of nature (tornadoes, hurricanes, volcanos, blizzards, droughts, storms, wildfires, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, etc.) and has not even fully explored the planet.  God’s providence sustains all creation as He is Sovereign over everything.  Therefore, even if it were conceivable that enough nuclear weapons, pollution, or greenhouse gasses could destroy the earth, God’s would overrule man’s effort to do so (Matt. 24:22).  We know this from the Bible, which includes self-confirming prophetic revelation attesting to its truth, validity and sincerity.  Moreover, the narrative of actual events in Israel’s long history and more specifically, the birth, life, ministry, death and resurrection of Yeshua Messiah, reveal God’s intentionally disclosed character, nature, and personhood.  So, reduce your estimate of mankind’s power exponentially and ascribe infinite unlimited power, authority, lovingkindness, goodness and ability to God Almighty.

God watches over each generation to see if any seek and fear Him.  An arrogant generation rejects God’s word and exalts itself.  God has a purpose for everyone, even wicked people for the day of wrath. (Rom. 9: 22).  God is Sovereign and His will is that you live until He decides otherwise.  People kill people and some take their own lives, actions that are universally and inherently evil and wrong.  Often, God intervenes in such situations to prevent this wrong.  In the movie “Schindler’s List” a Nazi soldier decided to kill a Jewish man, but his gun malfunctioned so many times that he gave up and let the man survive. This true account was attributed to divine intervention by those who were there.  Many people attempt suicide but fail through God’s mercy, often through multiple attempts, as God is gracious and compassionate even to the lost and wayward. So, we live on God’s earth by His grace for His purpose, through His providence. 

God has not hidden His purpose nor the final conclusion of life on earth.  Yeshua Messiah will come back to earth as a conquering King to overthrow God’s enemies, establish justice on earth and rule.  Thereafter, the earth will wear out like a garment and be destroyed by fire.  Through Yeshua all believers will spend eternity in heaven in a restored relationship to Father God.  If you are a believer, you have a destiny in God and in His love it can be fulfilled, in this life on earth, and most fully in Heaven.

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