The Nazis Among Us

Many people since World War II have questioned how Hitler could have carried out the holocaust.  How could the nation that produced Luther and had a long christian history have so willingly aided Hitler, including the professing church in most cases.  The answer is the fallen nature of man and the inherent wickedness that resides therein.  It is true of all people, including American people.  It may lie latent for a time and be restrained by a strong national christian witness but it is always there waiting to rear its ugly head when the christian witness diminishes, the pulpit does not respond with the true Word of God, and a fear of God is lost.

We see this wickedness in the late-term abortion bills signed in New York and considered in Virginia recently.  This effectively removes all restrictions on abortion allowing it up to the date of birth and beyond.  The Democratic Governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam, who strongly supported the measure and which has been tabled due to the backlash, described a situation where a baby could be resuscitated after a failed abortion attempt and then kept alive until the doctor and parents could decide whether to kill it or not.  This is murder by any standard of morality north of the pit of Hell.  The  idea that this could not only be discussed in America but a similar bill signed into law in New York shows the Nazi like mentality among many in America.  With little fear of God, amazingly about half of the Democrats still support Governor Northam and only 25 percent actually disapprove of him.

We should not be totally surprised at these heinous activities as late-term abortions have been legal and ongoing for many years and there has been no strong protest from more than a relatively small minority of people in America.  Although some have stood up against this wickedness, including those associated with the March For Life, there has been relatively little outcry from the pulpits or from many christians against this infanticide in the same way the German people looked the other way during the holocaust.  Today, America is primarily exceptional only for its wickedness, which is the way of all people who abandon God.

We need to pray that God protects these unborn babies and brings repentance to America.  We need to pray that our pastors and other church leaders have courage, regularly preach against this wickedness from the pulpit and mobilize christians and others to protest.  If we do not, America will be judged and destroyed the same as Nazi Germany.  God is merciful and longsuffering, giving time to repent, but He is not mocked and we will sow what we reap.




4 thoughts on “The Nazis Among Us

  1. The people who pushed for these horendous laws and sanction the killing of babies with shout of joy seemingly have no conscience. I don’t think this connection has been made, but I would like to ask them, “How do you feel about the abortionists selling the aborted body parts after they kill the baby?” If anyone thinks your reference to Nazi’s is hyperbole; consider the full extent of the atrocities we are witnessing.


    1. Great point. I certainly did not mean it as hyperbole as these late-term abortions are exactly the same as the killing of Jews – that is the killing of innocent life. More importantly so many people look the other way in America today and that is just like the average German in Nazi Germany who are so rightly criticized for that.


  2. Embryology texts have maintained that life begins at conception for a very long time. In fact, they were asserting this prior to Roe v. Wade. In each text I’ve read, they have also made the assertion that each unborn baby is a unique human being. If they are human being, separate and genetically distinct from their parents, then they are deserving of human rights and dignity. The Bible states that murder is the unjustified taking of a human life, and that plainly and logically includes abortion. So, why do we still have this discussion if all of this is a given?


  3. That’s a good question. I would refer you to former President Obama who said, “if they (my daughters) make a mistake, I don’t want them punished with a baby.” He considers a baby, albeit untimely born, a punishment, and therefore unworthy of life. Many massacres in hostory were enabled by dehumanizing those whom the purpetrators which to eliminate, kill, or murder. As Larry noted the wickedness within mankind still endures and thrives where God is rejected.


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