Most People

Most people are environmentalists, they don’t pollute the land, water or air, nor do they think others should.  These same people are kind to animals and would never think of starving or abusing their pets, or even a stray.  The vast majority of people have compassion for the poor and those who have lost their way falling into addiction or made wrong decisions that led them to homelessness.  They may not know how best to help these various individuals, but they support those who do.  Most people are respectful toward the elderly and are courteous to women and patient with children.  Though the crying baby or the slow driving old person may try our nerves we understand that the very young and very old are doing the best they can.  Most people are honest, they almost always tell the truth and they would not think of deliberately robbing or cheating another person.  They were taught these lessons through the years by their parents, teachers, family, and friends.  They want others to be honest and trustworthy to them, so that is how they most often behave.  Most people are friendly to others.  They greet people they meet along their way and they wave at children and groups of tourist as they pass.  They consider a small act of kindness, courtesy, or a simple smile to be a good investment that always pays a dividend.

These are just a few of the really good characteristics of most people who live in America. Even though there are some bad apples in the bunch and though they are rotten and worthless, they are very few.  Still, they get too much attention from a few bad people who control the news and sell sorrow and fear to make their living.  When we open our eyes, get out of the traffic, and reach out to those around us, we see people just like us, the salt of the earth.  Even, perhaps especially, in times of disaster we see people helping needy people.  A vast majority of Americans believe in a Creator God, as they see a world of complexity and design that testifies to the supernatural and spiritual realm, just a breath and heartbeat away from us all.  Most people admire and are grateful for the first responders and protectors who safeguard all of us from the very few who seek to steal, kill, and destroy.  Most people are tolerant and fair towards others who may look different or believe different things than they do.  An overwhelming majority of people are not bigots or racists or hateful toward others, even if they may disagree with their politics, religion or social values.  The vocal militant few who accuse others in order to bring division and foment hate are the liars, who are following a selfish, racist, bigoted agenda for evil purposes.

Yes, we all have made mistakes, bad choices, said and done things we regret. We all have stood in need of forgiveness and almost all have forgiven others from time to time.  This is how we know each other and why we can move forward together.  This is why we are Americans and remain grateful to be in the land of the free and home of the brave.  Take encouragement from the truth of your neighbor and turn off the lies spewed by the wicked evil media who claim a humanistic self-righteousness that is totally fake.

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