The Believer’s Victory Story

I’ve heard many people say it and I have experienced myself – When God chooses to do something He often involves people, although our part is always very small.  The Bible bears this out with Moses, and many others.  Moses said what God told him to say, but God did all of the delivering.  We may dream of wielding God’s power, but that is not the way He works.  In the new covenant we see the Spirit working miracles, but people touched, anointed, prayed, and spoke while God performed the healing or deliverance.  It requires total humility to be used of God.  

Think about Uzzah who reached out his hand to steady the ark, because the oxen stumbled.  God did not ask for help from Uzzah. (1 Chronicles 13: 9).  David had not followed God’s instruction that men were to carry the ark.  Everything is in God’s purview, therefore, He needs obedience through humility in those He calls.  Yeshua is our savior, deliverer and redeemer.  We can not do these things, but we are led by the Spirit who works in us to love, help, and say words, yet it is His love, help and words.

In the end, we will see and know as we have been fully known.  Then we will know that God is Sovereign over all. Moreover, we will each have a story of victory, of God’s deliverance, saving power, and unconditional love. That story will be about you, but every significant part will tell of the love, power, and mercy of God. You came into this world naked and you will take nothing away, but every believer will be a glorious testimony of God’s grace. Every child of God will be a shining light of God’s amazing grace, unlimited love and salvation to the uttermost.   

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