Frustrated Wicked

Evil people scheme and contrive how to steal, kill and destroy.  They are not just rough criminals, some are beautiful, rich and powerful.  These are the aims of their father, Satan, who has them captive by their own evil desires.  Together all the wicked would destroy the entire world, if they could, but they are restrained by God, who rules over all things by his will. Much of the evil that they perpetrate is used by God in his great mercy to discipline and correct those whom He loves.(1) At this point we must receive that God cannot be judged by human reasoning or any human means. God is good.  He defines the term and at the same time is just, merciful, and storing up wrath for His enemies.  If He were to pour a drop of wrath upon this earth, it would be a righteous act of justice for a good purpose, but dreadful.  Young children learn by negative reinforcement since their communication and reasoning skills are limited.  So, it is with a certain level of wickedness in people, at that point they are removed.(2)  

Another important reason that God’s acts are beyond human judgment is the inherent complexity of His work.(3) Hundreds or thousands of people with varying states of understanding, need, and circumstances may be impacted by one or a few acts that accomplish every purpose though unseen and unknown.(4)  We see this in creation and the still expanding universe where stars were created in the big bang, galaxies were formed, along with quasars, nebulae, black holes, planets and all matter to form a habitable planet with just the right atmosphere, temperatures, elements and laws or properties, in precise time to make a habitation for human existence.  For any of the multitude of seemingly unimportant events to have deviated just minimally would have had a catastrophic impact on earth’s ability to sustain life.(5) This is true in the earth, its moon, the sun, our galaxy, and our location in the galaxy and universe at this time.  God is Sovereign over all creation.

We can understand what God reveals to us in the Bible and the created universe.  “The Lord watches over the foreigner and sustains the fatherless and the widow, but he frustrates the ways of the wicked.”(6)  Wickedness is promoted by the evil world system, but God rules and is gathering a people for himself who will live eternally with Yeshua in Heaven.  All truth is hidden from the unbelieving lost world.  They are reserved for the day of judgment when everything will be made known and the wicked will receive their deserved wrath, while Believers will be granted grace and the righteousness that Yeshua secured for them.(7)


1 – Heb. 12: 7

2 – Num. 16: 11-33

3 – Rom.11: 33

4 – Jonah 4: 10-11

5 – Beyond the Cosmos, Hugh Ross

6 – Psalm 146: 9

7 – Matt. 25: 46


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