Attempted History Revision

It was immediately after an NFL playoff game, the numerous cameras were scouring the crowd of players, media reporters, officials and staff who poured over the field. I can imagine the camera director barking orders to cut from camera to camera. “Zoom in on Belichick’s face,” capture that anger. “Ok, the Head Coaches are meeting, cut to that, cut to the Quarterbacks shaking hands.” Now go to our reporter talking with the winning running back. After the brief interview with the star player, a camera picks up on a huge gathering of players from both teams warmly greeting each other. “Switch to that group,” they seem to be friends gathering in a big circle, there in the center is the winning quarterback saying something to the group. Can we get audio? They’re arm in arm, taking a knee, “quick cut away to the stands and scoreboard.”

It was a glimpse of something hidden, unreported, taboo, treated as private, but entirely open – a mass of players. These were fierce opponents just moments earlier, now close friends bowing in prayer to give thanks and praise to God in prayer. This act epitomizes American sportsmanship and honor for the foundational principles of the American ideal, such as unity, humility, sportsmanship, thankfulness, shared endeavor for victory, teamwork and respect for all. These concepts underpin American athletics from the grade school playground to the highest professional ranks, but they must not be shown by the media to the public at large. Political correctness, bias against Christian expression, and suppression of traditional American values under the guise of not offending anyone, expelling all religious expression from public view, and raising an idolized secular humanism prohibits and outlaws simple gestures and symbols even those without words.

The good news is that there is a remnant, very probably a majority, who still hold to these foundations of American greatness and it’s Judeo-Christian heritage of common high ideals. These prohibitions by the Anti-American media are not supported by legislation, court rulings, justice or a majority of the American public. A minuscule element of anti-American people have infiltrated the media and political bureaucracy to fashion the notion of a secular humanistic America, but the vast majority of people do not accept this deception. Tolerance of non-Christians is not the equivalent of choosing multiculturalism, anymore than meeting in a church building is a rejection of public religious expression.

For years certain football fans held up a conspicuous sign of “John 3:16” that the media could not avoid showing. The football stadium remains a repository of American values, irrespective of the media’s blatant biased coverage of political and racial protests designed to promote its Anti-American propaganda. The good news is an overwhelming majority of American people have not left our country, nor their reverence for God and His high ideals of truth, justice and love.

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