A Theory For Atheists

If you are a devoted atheist you will need some “Science” to support anything you believe, or at least a theory that has not been fully discredited. This is the status of science today, as so much of what is called fact can not be established through the scientific method here and now. Therefore, theories carry significant weight in scientific research. Unknowns are explained with theories that are further supported or discredited by observation, new discoveries, conjecture and/or educated guesses. For example, until recently, the universe and related theories about it were based on an assumption that the universe always existed in a static state. New scientific discoveries reveal that the universe is expanding which obliterated the static model and all theory based upon it. An expanding universe presents all sorts of new questions because it points to a beginning a millisecond before the so called “Big Bang.”

Cosmology, the study of the origin of the universe, currently concludes that over billions of years random and forced events caused elements to combine into molecules that were converted to amino acids that eventually came to life and burst into a plethora of prehistoric life. The fossil record, depicted in the cambium layer, shows a single unique period on earth where life exploded into a multitude of organisms, but it does not reveal any links between separate species. Different species do mutate, adapt and adjust to their environment, or fail to and become extinct. No new species have evolved during recorded history or in the fossil record, since they first appeared. Nevertheless, evolution is now declared scientific fact, based on a presumed majority of scientists’ acceptance. While fact and truth can not be voted into reality, let’s assume a natural and random process of evolution caused life and formed all species we now see. This same process of random chance must still be in force, unless by its accidental creation of man evolution produced an animal greater than itself and was promptly terminated by man through his own intervention.

If human development did not stop evolution then we can predict that a perfect human will evolve sometime in human history. That perfect person, by chance will have abilities that evolution will endow, which exceed those yet observed or scientifically established in humanity to date. This perfect mutation will not be prone to war, hatred, selfishness, greed and all the other deficiencies of mankind. Moreover, he will demonstrate abilities traditional man does not have. Like the movie “Water World” he will grow gills in order to live if the earth becomes covered by water. Like the movie “The Matrix” he will be a Messiah with abilities that transcend those of ordinary men and women.

There are things which science can not explain. Today, people are miraculously healed and medical science can not refute the effect nor explain the cause. History points to a messiah, a perfect man, who was killed by the Roman empire, yet returned to life three days later. He exhibited supernatural powers and was above the failings, vices, and wickedness observed in ordinary men. A man of science may very well consider the vast evidence supporting the words, actions, and deeds of the perfect man, Yeshua of Nazareth, and recognize that He was supernatural. Even His birth was extraordinary. Was this Messiah a product of the evolution of Mankind? Considering He was the product of evolution, should we not listen to His enlightened understanding and give heed to His admonition? What did He say, oh yeah, there is a Creator God in heaven who made all things.

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