Tyranny Today


What constitutes government tyranny to you? Arbitrary and/or unrestrained power is the hallmark of tyranny, but if the governed neither object nor recognize the abuse, it can be accepted. All around the world this is true. On several occasions Chinese groups have protested against communist tyranny and for liberty and one leader was crushed under a tank, the others disappeared in reeducation camps.  Today, States are telling citizens they cannot get closer than six feet at the beach or park. How is that arbitrary? Because it includes members of your own family who you touch each day and are clearly disease free. How is it unrestrained –  because it contradicts the free association clause in the Constitution and if they can demand this extent of control over us, they control anything, including attending a church service.

If you are excusing this tyranny as a reasonable response to an overestimated disease, then what remedy will be effective at the next overestimated crisis? Some in Congress are proposing a climate crisis that will destroy the world in a few decades, unless we let them have power to force us to stop driving or flying places, and more. Many have compared Covid-19 with the normal flu and there is great similarity, but there is no dispute that this crisis was/is overstated. Moreover, the proposed solution was to “flatten the curve”, which is an admission that the same number of people would still die, but they would die over a longer period, giving the hospitals time to prepare. The hospitals and available respirators were never close to a deficiency, even in hardest hit New York – It was all overestimated. However, the government overreach was not restrained and arbitrary in most respects. What is your freedom worth, beside the thousands upon thousands of military lives given up for it. Two idioms apply to this situation we face, “a day late and a dollar short” and “the ship has sailed.” This unprecedented action by our current government has prepared the way for a future fascist or socialist government to exercise a tyranny that you may not happily welcome. The Bible says a time is coming when no one can buy or sell unless they have a special mark upon their right hand or forehead. (Revelation 15: 13-18). How does that sound for tyranny?

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