Things Set Right

Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic started there has been one serious issue unresolved, festering and begging to be set right. The politicians started it, setting in motion a ticking time bomb that if not disarmed could do damage unthinkable. The Congress sat silent pursuing worthless acts designed only to pander and placate malcontents, but avoided their responsibility and true purpose as legislators. The Courts are always slow and can do little until the people turn to them with complaints that can be adjudicated. 

Responsibility rests with the people of any country. They can fall into deception like the Russians who believed Karl Marx’s myth of communist socialism. They can be like the Italians who surrendered in fear to Mussolini’s fascism. They can be like the Germans who violated their conscience when confronted by the truth of Nazism. Today, the American people see and know that our politicians, governors and mayors, have exceeded their constitutional authority by closing businesses, ordering home isolation, requiring masks be worn and many other unauthorized edicts. If the people do not address this serious constitutional violation, it will lead to disaster. 

The enemy within, our deceitful media and biased press, have said nothing, nor raised one question of constitutionality, because they seek to destroy America and remake it into a humanist socialist state. The Constitution authorizes “The People” with ultimate authority, not by design, but recognizing the reality of human history, which is fraught with dictators, tyrant kings, and evil committees that subvert the will of the people. The enemy within is fomenting division, riots, disorder, malaise, fear and confusion in an attempt to overthrow the will of the people.

What is the will of the American people? Is it security and safety from this flu like disease? Is it government welfare for food, shelter and clothing? Is it the redress of grievances various groups perceive still exists today? Is it the removal of a duly elected President, utionDonald Trump, who threatens the enemy within by releasing the collective will of the people to live free with liberty and justice for all? 

There is still a massive majority who cling to liberty and will not go quietly into the dark night of Socialist Humanism. Our churches have been closed with our businesses; we took a two month home sabbatical, but our patience is wearing thin. We see and know what our enemy is attempting to do. When we do rise up it will make their purchased organized riots look like a speck on the wall. We will not destroy our country like unjust rioters, but we will take it back and lock up those who sought to take it away through deceit and unconstitutional means. Things will be set right.

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