Searching for Sugarman

This is a 2012 documentary movie about a singer of whom I had never heard. It’s a true story that is really well told. It is rated 8.2 on IMBD which puts it in the class of Green Book, Wolf of Wall Street, Batman Begins, and A Beautiful Mind, just to name a few. I will only describe the movie as true, unbelievable, and encouraging. 

The movie reminded me of a thought I had about singers – Do they only have so many songs in them? The best example I know is Stevie Wonder, who had several huge hits, then seemingly produced nothing else. Then there is the long list of one-hit wonders, singers or bands who produced one hit and never produced anything even close again. Also there are those people and groups who produce an unending stream of hits and I think we take it for granted, because there are a lot of great singers and some who span decades with their music. Because these, (really just a few considering the entire population of singers), become superstars we assume it’s normal, rather than truly exceptional. I’m not talking about the individual performers themselves, they are just like anyone else, but the music is special.

Singing is an art and talent. As such I believe it is granted by our creator. What each person does with their abilities and talents is somewhat dependent upon the individual, not so much that they can cause a million people to like their music, but they can doubt, give in to fear, and hide the gift which God bestowed. I believe everyone has at least one gift or talent. However, don’t fall prey to the deception of the media, that says commercial success equals happiness or fulfillment of your destiny. Our gifts and talents are meant to bless and serve others. You are unique and valuable, worthy of love and acceptance as the creation of God. You have something to contribute to the human community and it can be realized in Yeshua, Messiah. 

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