You’re Fired

Donald Trump made this phrase popular on his TV show, “The Apprentice.” Each week contestants would compete with others on teams or individually till only one champion remained and was hired as an apprentice by Trump’s Company. The major point of interest to the audience was who would be fired and why. Mr. Trump and his advisers would provide the results of competition and question various contestants regarding their participation and decisions. It was highly rated entertainment because the judgments were based upon facts, actions, results and business acumen, rather than subjective or irrelevant criteria.

Today, top bureaucrats and heads of government agencies should be held to standards, expectations, actions and facts relating to their performance. James Comey, Director of the FBI, is a fine example, of one who was fired, but far too late. Jeff Sessions, Attorney General is another example, of a fine person with excellent principles, who let a fake investigation ramble on far too long under Robert Mueller and should have been fired, but resigned. Dr. Anthony Fouci, head of the National Institute of Infectious diseases should be fired. He claims to be a medical expert, and is qualified, but acts as an unelected politician. His agenda for managing the Covid-19 pandemic has been plagued by bad decisions, horribly inaccurate predictions, inconsistent communication, worthless actions, fake misleading statistics, and political rather than medical pronouncements. 

If Dr. Fouci were operating in a competitive business environment his company would be out of business and he would be held to account. His theory of “flattening the curve” was marginally successful, but achieved nothing other than wrecking the country’s economy. Covid-19 was rampant in New York and now across many other states. He stated early that masks were ineffective, he opposed certain drug proscriptions that were shown to be effective, he proposed to close churches, yet supported protestor riots. He undermined the President in interviews, then denied his own politically based statements. Any number of qualified medical experts could replace Dr. Fouci, immediately without recourse.

The media and socialists Democrats support Dr. Fouchi because he helps their political goals; in his ineptitude he keeps the pandemic alive and the economy dead. He makes statements based on political positions rather than medical science. The best example is his refusal to restrict rioters, but freely demands that churches must not meet. This is an unelected bureaucrat that must be held to account and the chief executive of the USA is Donald Trump. It appears it is once again time to convene the advisors, lay out the facts, present Dr. Fouci’s performance results, analyze his decisions and say, “You’re Fired”. I believe the majority of American people will understand and concur. Of course, the Deep State, Democrats, and the lying media will object, but that is to be expected, they only want death and destruction in America, just as they defended Hillary, Comey, Mueller, and the rest of their followers.

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