A Perspective on Politics

President Trump is a lightning rod for highly charged political and emotional banter, but his administration set records in every category of prosperity. My perspective is one for the holidays as Mr. Trump and Jesus were in similar situations in certain respects. I’m not comparing them personally or their missions, just the circumstances in which they found themselves. If you know anything about the Bible you know Jesus was hated by the Jewish religious leadership because His message and deeds were shaking the established religious order. He also faced the secular Roman empire who had occupied Israel, the surrounding area, and were seeking to assimilate the Hebrews into the Roman collective. Both these groups united in a limited purpose to have Jesus crucified, but it was His close friend Judas who set the whole thing up through betrayal and his own selfish desire for bribe money.

I see the Democrats who are natural rivals with Trump for political control as the Jewish leadership. Trump, an outsider, gained momentum among the people and upset the chosen democrat candidate, Hillary Clinton. As a result the Democrat leadership swore themselves to Trumps demise. They investigated, accused, and impeached him, but nothing actually removed Trump or stopped his agenda. The Deep State DOJ, FBI, and Courts are like the Roman, Pontius Pilot, who knew that Jesus was innocent, but refused to take the just action and exonerate him. Instead washing their hands of the entire fraud, acquiescing to the mobs cry, “Crucify him”. The Supreme Court justices who refuse to hear the evidence of fraud possessed by Trump attorneys. Judges that refuse to hear the merits of Trumps case and give him the opportunity to prove beyond a reasonable doubt a specific number of fraudulent votes that were counted for Biden. Supreme Court justices who refuse a clear constitutional case brought by twenty eight states. The corrupt DOJ and FBI that refuse to investigate hundreds of sworn affidavits from eyewitness pole workers, watchers and whistleblowers, but stand down approving the democrat fraud. The media which is silent failing to report the truth of election fraud and censoring that which is reported by others. These are the Roman occupation who are ambivalent toward Trump and are happy to see the lone voice of truth extinguished.

The final betrayal is not yet finalized, but the battalion of soldiers have been dispatched to the garden were their victim will be captured under the cover of darkness, (a Media blackout). The betrayer is a friend, (on the surface), but he is an unbeliever in the mission of Trump and is self-focused and willing to accept bribe money from the Media Billionaires. Judas is represented by the Establishment Republicans, Republican governors, Republican State legislatures in battleground states who permit massive election fraud by acquiring voting machines capable of fraud, paper ballots with no corroborative information, and illegally overriding state election laws. Judas are the Republicans in the Senate and House who sit by hoping Trump and his agenda of liberty and American greatness will be silenced.

It may not be a perfect comparison, but it brings me to the final point which I believe to be applicable in both situations. Jesus said, His Kingdom was not of this earth and that He was laying down His life by the will of His Father God in Heaven. (John 10:15-17) Jesus understood God’s will and obeyed it perfectly. We do not normally have such understanding and obedience, but God’s will is immutable, Sovereign and loving. Jesus died on the cross so our sins could be forgiven, that everyone who believes will be saved from God’s just wrath upon sin. (John 3:16; 1 John 4:10; Rom. 5:8-11) If the injustice that Donald Trump has endured prevails, then it was God’s will upon America. In just seventy years after Jesus’ death, the Roman’s utterly destroyed Israel and their temple. It may very well be that those who thought they were saving America from Trump are taking actions that will result in its destruction. The old adage is, “Be careful what you ask for, you might just get it.” Everyone, Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, or Uninterested should seek God while He may yet be found. He is our only Hope and shelter from the storm. 


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