Coping With Change

Change is part of life and it can be good or bad, but in either case it requires adjustment on our part. We might assume that change for good would be easy and change for bad difficult. In reality, both have their own set of adjustments that must be addressed. For example, we often cannot discern in advance whether a particular change is for our good or bad until it has become fully implemented. Moreover, each of us have different preferences and thresholds for change, particularly, as we age and the slightest change seems like a huge hurdle. When we are young we adapt to new events and patterns more often and without a long history that accompanies maturity. 

In truth life is all about change, for when we stop changing we die. Many things are so colored by our perspectives and preferences that we label them good or bad, not by objective criteria, but by our bias to change. In my experience, I have become grateful for some changes that I dreaded and even resented initially, only to recognize the benefits of it months or years later. Our attitude can be an overwhelming influence upon our measure of things. When we are positive and hopeful we see the benefits of change. Have you ever experiences “buyers remorse”, which is uncertainty or fear associated with a purchase? This is an example of how the negativity of fear produces heaviness.

These reactions and emotions come first from our fear or resistance to change, then much later the objective truth may eventually become apparent. Certain people such as politicians advertisers, or executives manipulate others by crafting, laws and regulations, messages, and processes and products around our preferences and perspectives about change. However, we ultimately decide for ourselves, even if we are tricked, it was our own decision to believe a lie. 

For Believers, we have help from God in all these aspects of change. We can and should pray over everything, that we will be subject to God’s good and perfect will and that His mercy and compassion for us will be evident. As we surrender and submit to His rule over our decisions, choices, and preferences we will have confidence in His Sovereignty and lovingkindness. With respect to current events in our nation, which many describe as “upside down”, it is imperative that we commit ourselves fully to our Savior and Lord, Yeshua (Jesus’ Hebrew name). He has promised to shepherd us, never leave or forsake us, guide and lead us, and deliver us from evil. Will we hold on to our preferences, assumptions, and attitudes or will we accept and trust His peace, protection, and ways? As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

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