Enemy of the People

Imagine there was an extremely large, influential, knowledgeable and invasive organization that operated to manipulate, control, and sway public opinion, speech, and behavior. Assume further that this biased self-serving organization collaborated with other similar massive entities in order to build a knowledge base of as much information as they possibly could on everyone in the world. They sell this information to anyone looking for buyers of their goods and services. They have massive revenue streams and net worth of more than some nations. There is amply money accumulated to satisfy the proprietors, so what would they set out to do? History tells us they will seek what is right in their own eyes and build an edifice reaching into the sky to make a name for themselves saying, “Nothing is impossible for us.” This already happened once under Nimrod’s command in Nineveh. (Gen. 11: 1-9)

It is said that information is power and control of it an abuse of power. Is it possible to unorganize these entities and their accumulated wealth of stolen information? The product offered by these entities is information itself, albeit frequently plagued with bias, falsehood, and outright lies presented as fact. Could millions of people impact the database in a way to bring it down and render it worthless? If, multiple and varied inputs were made over a period of time multiplied by millions, would it confuse, distort and/or randomize the analysis. Is it possible for millions to create bots that would raise a cloud, within which we may all secure our privacy? If, millions of plaintiffs went to court to demand the return of their privacy, would the Courts recognize a “Right to Privacy” so powerful it once was sufficient to justify the killing of unborn babies? California gives people the right to demand that their information can not be sold. If such a right or law exists, why can’t more millions secure it for themselves?

Patrick Henry said, “Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined.” Can millions exert enough force to guard the public liberty against a few despots who seek to twist, control, censure and defraud free speech in the public forum? If I build a sidewalk upon public structures between your house and your favorite marketplace upon which millions of others travel each day, can I regulate or censor the conversations such people have as they freely travel? Must we give up our rights under the Constitution when we enter upon a side walk built on public structures? What can millions of people do to reclaim their liberty from a few who seem bent on taking those freedoms away?

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