Our Media The Key

We know the Democrats control the Media or the Media controls the Democrats. We know a portion of them believe the world will die in twelve to thirty years from climate warming, unless drastic measures are taken to curtail carbon emissions. The majority of Americans can not and are not going to voluntarily give up their automobiles. Therefore, the government must take measures to effect what the public is not able or willing to do themselves. Most Democrats live in urban cities, therefore, they are not dependent upon an automobile and mass transit is an alternative. The best way to deny or limit motor vehicle usage is to increase the cost exorbitantly. To accomplish this fuel cost can be raised by limiting supply and distribution. Moreover, the cost of vehicles can be increased by limiting production. When cost become too high, people will car pool, move into the cities, or continue further work from home options. 

We have already seen the cost of gas increasing as never before as a result of Biden’s actions, a Russian hack of a gas pipeline and the largest beef producer (cows are ruining the climate also), and further inflationary actions by the Biden administration. New automobiles are in shorter supply than ever before, supposedly due to limited availability of computer chips that are made in China. Used cars now sell for more than they originally cost two years earlier. We know Joe Biden has ties to China through his son and his rhetoric toward China is incredibly mild given the recent behavior of China towards the United States. Is it possible that China has some leverage upon the Democrat party at large? Moreover, if China wrecks the American economy in such a manner that pleases the Democrats in their quest to restrict greenhouse gases, it may be the ideal partnership. 

The Democrat party is promoting Critical Race Theory, (CRT), in schools, government agencies, military, and wherever it can. The tenants of CRT is that American society is white, racist, and must be dismantled. They know that most Americans do not agree with these conclusions and will not voluntarily destroy the greatest nation the world has ever known. Therefore, the government must take actions to accomplish what the American people will not do themselves. The destruction of the economy and financial stability is best accomplished by devaluing the dollar enough to cause the world to choose another reserve currency. Between Obama and Biden, the Federal debt has mushroomed to over thirty trillion. Paying money to Automobile manufacturers was one of the first things Obama did when he took office in 2009. He gave one billion, a lot of money at that time, to Nissan via the DOE to manufacture an electric car. If additional payments are made today perhaps, productivity might be curtailed and blamed on the pandemic or unavailability of chips. In this way, two objectives can be leveraged, financial collapse and climate warming averted, a win-win for the Democrats and a double whammy to the American people who are too racist and selfish to do what is best for the rest of the world. Only a conspiratorial media could keep it all quiet, wrapped in lies, and fool a majority of Americans, but fortunately the Democrats just happen to have that also.

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