Prayer Debriefing 4

Lord, help us stand firm for our loved ones, even when there is a gulf between us of offense, hurt, failure, disappointment, or misunderstanding. Give us your compassion and humility so we will not give up and continue with faith that you can do all things. Restore and redeem us, so the enemy will be defeated and we will bring glory and honor to your name.

Lord, you are moving and working through your children, though we don’t see. Lord, set those in our electronic fellowship in places where they can reflect your light, glory, and truth to the world. They consider themselves small, but in you they are mighty to the casting down of strongholds. Let them know the power and steadfastness of your love and favor, in the name of Yeshua.

I’m asking for myself and all these who have connected with us, that you will work within our family units, to build up faith, establish Spiritual fellowship, worship, and times of refreshing in your name Yeshua. Lord, you know we desire to pray, but if you don’t join us it will be nothing. You must lead in your ways, not our will but yours be done. Holy Spirit show us how to pray together in our family, not just in petition, but with power, love and a sound mind. Lord, don’t allow our familiarity, age differences, or various preferences to separate us from you and each other. 

Forgive us Lord Yeshua for our cavalier attitude toward you and your presence, your will for us, and our devotion to You. Though the enemy is raging all around seeking to kill, steal and destroy, some of us have been preoccupied with vanity, our comfort, and frivolity. Tune our hearts to the work you prepared for us, that we will be sober, serious and have our faces set on you, ready for action and arrayed for service, in the name of Yeshua Messiah.

Lord, some of us are prone to becoming disconnected from the broader congregation of Believers. Our society, our independent attitude, technology, pandemic and other preferences and realities separate us from fellowship with other believers. We need each other, but church does not always seem right. We need your guidance and wisdom as to how and what barriers need to be torn down. You put the lonely in families. (Ps. 68.6) It is not your best when we are isolated and disconnected from your Congregation, send help and deliver those of us who are in a dry and weary place.       

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