My wife’s parents were always full of youthfulness. It was one of the things I most appreciated about them and it seemed they mutually shared and valued this mindset. It is a way of thinking that affects your perspective and actions. They valued babies and children and were attracted to anything that involved them. Babies and children were a priority because that’s where good things emerged in the family. Yes, the elders were honored, cared for and respected, but the fun and future was among the youth. 

When we are young tomorrow is our residence and we can’t wait for it to arrive. Our thoughts, dreams, and desires are wrapped up in the future. As we get older, we can be tempted to live in memories of the past. As a college student I learned and tried to live in the present, which is the best motivation for productivity, but hope is in the future. Youthfulness is filled with hope, even when things may seem limited or dull, a child’s imagination sees a bright future full of hope. This is a part of staying young, healthy, and vibrant even in maturity. A life of memories analyzed, regretting missed opportunity, second guessing choices, carrying the weight of offenses, injustices, hurts and wounds is miserable and unhealthy. Stress is tension against an immovable force like the past which can not be changed. Forgiving others and ourselves lightens the burden of harmful stress. A youthful frame of mind lightens ones heart and gives hope for a happy exciting tomorrow.

Good sleep is a part of a youthful frame of mind. One of my fondest memories is waking refreshed with the early summer sunshine coming in an open window, a light breeze carrying fragrance of freshness and a carefree mind imagining the possibilities of a long summer of fun and adventure ahead. God gives satisfying sleep to His Children. The alternative is waking tired out from troubling thoughts and dreams. Waking during the night wrestling for sleep that is shallow and incomplete is exhausting. Lack of sleep is frustrating because pleasant fulfilling sleep is a reward for hard work and an unburden heart, it can’t be produced, manufactured, or purchased by the undeserving manipulations of greed, even drugs cannot produce refreshment good sleep freely gives. What can an infant teach an adult – how to enjoy a nap and this through impartation. Rock a baby to sleep in your arms, release your cares as if you were held likewise and follow the baby’s example. 

This is a choice that is available for all who have faith, hope, and love sufficient to receive the Blessings God freely gives to those who look to and trust Him. Fear quenches the fountain of life at its source. God calls us to live courageously with faith that He is good beyond our wildest imaginations and willing to grant life to those who seek Him first.

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