SCOTUS Dilemma

The Supreme Court of the US is faced with a paradox of its own making. Actually it is only a problem for a few of the Justices. The Socialists/Liberals have no concern for right or wrong, Constitutional or not, only what they want. The Conservative constitutional Justices follow the constitution and existing laws that are within constitutional limits. The remaining Justices are subject to the influence of their peers and what others might think of them. Scripture holds a particular distain for those who are neither hot nor cold. (Rev. 3:15-16) The paradox is whether the State of Mississippi’s law restricting abortion after 15 weeks is Constitutional or a violation of Roe v Wade. Medical science and factual experience proves that infants can normally survive after 22 weeks of life which is convincing evidence that abortion thereafter is killing the innocent. Abortion is not mentioned in the Constitution and anyone who can read understands the 9th and 10th Amendment gives the people in their respective states the decision on all such matters, rather than the Supreme Court. Even so, prior rulings by this Court beginning with Roe v Wade have made abortion a right more sacred than any other. For example, States have been denied the right to regulate abortion procedures be equally as safe as any similar medical procedure performed. States can regulate certain gun ownership, but not abortion. If Mississippi is allowed to protect the lives of innocent babies within its borders, will the Court be opening Pandora’s box of states’ rights? 

It is interesting to note seven of the nine Justices are Catholic (counting Gorsuch who switched to Episcopal) which is a unique situation. The Catholic Church is a stalwart supporter of life, against abortion, accepting orphans and caring for women and children. Will this perspective of valuing life have any bearing on those Justices who are neither hot nor cold? Will they correct a flawed Roe v Wade decision and affirm a State’s right to protect it’s citizens? Is the Law and Constitution irrelevant and only political expediency of keeping the status quo important? Will people lose respect for the Supreme Court because they did not follow a flawed precedent or because yet again the Court ignored the clear language of the Constitution? How did states regulate marriage for 200 years, but the Supreme Court redefined marriage in 2015, in spite of both State law and Federal law protecting traditional marriage? Of course, the humanists on the Court have no respect for the Constitution, medical facts, states’ rights, or anything but their own desires. It is not enough that Socialist/Liberal states can continue killing innocents adding to the 62 million killed since 1973 – apparently these Justices want nothing to restrict sacrifices to their Idol of abortion. Will this Court fix the scourge that abortion has been to America for 49 years? 

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