I was watching a PBS documentary on Abraham Lincoln and it hit me there was nothing in this show about his faith. It mentioned that his parents took him to church as a child and that was it. Of course, PBS is a secular network with secular producers, opposed to religion, but it is a gross distortion to speak about history during the nineteenth century without some acknowledgement of the impact of Judeo-Christian or Theistic faith of the people and society at large. Practically everyone whether devout or not held a Christian world view, but none of this was worthy to mention in the life or politics of Abraham Lincoln or his wife Mary Todd. Do the producers imagine President Lincoln a secularist as themselves, or are they busy rewriting history to eliminate the influence of Judeo-Christian worldview? Are we to conclude a major factor driving those times is no longer relevant or appropriate to mention because “religion” does not belong in the public discourse and must be restricted behind church walls?

In reality, before the Civil War, practically everyone was focused on physical survival, raising a family and doing this in the context of their faith. Yes, there were a few rich, aristocrats or agricultural/industrial barons, but the vast majority were living out their faith in the fundamental critical purposes and pursuits of family life. This was mainly true up until the 1960’s when secular humanists first began their assault upon America as documented in the Humanist Manifesto. Their goal is to capture developing generations through public school and higher education. After obtaining a foot-hold in education they branch out to government, media and society to offset the historical influence of family and religion which were the foundation of American exceptionalism and strength. 

The American family totters on the brink of collapse, not by divorce alone, but gender identity/confusion, redefined marriage, abortion, lasciviousness, promiscuity and the ongoing attack on masculinity, men, fatherhood and the family unit. No nation can stand without healthy vibrant families. Physical survival and Religion are the foundation and purpose of family. From these three fundamental concepts spring every good and fruitful outcome including procreation, satisfaction, fulfillment and happiness. You cannot consider the blessing, potential, and loveliness of a happy healthy thriving infant outside the family – anything else is a false fiction.

This is not a slight against singles or couples who cannot or don’t have children, nor is it a suggestion that Christianity be selected or enforced as the national religion. It is a charge to recognize the enemy’s disastrous influence upon our society through the enshrinement of Secular Humanism as the national religion, together with all its collateral schemes, propaganda, plans, misconceptions, mandates, and departures from our traditional American way of life, liberty and Constitutional Republic. Lord Yeshua (Jesus’ Hebrew name) have mercy on us.

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