Public Indoctrination

In the mid-sixties there was a national debate with accompanying court decisions that removed anything remotely “religious” from public schools, such as teaching with or about the Bible, the Ten Commandments, any teaching of Jesus, or anything associated with God including creation or virtues related to Him. It was not limited to sectarian doctrine, but widespread and generally accepted principles of propriety, chastity, custom and historical practice, such as public prayer, blessings and affirmation. The Courts have expounded upon this exclusion with numerous rulings, such that the right to religious faith and practice has been driven into church buildings and houses of worship. An employee was recently sued for having a Bible laying upon the corner of his desk. The Supreme Court ruled a 50 year old plaque of the Ten Commandments must be removed from a County Court House, lest the Government establish a religion. At the very least, religious indoctrination has been outlawed in public schools. 

In contrast, the Florida state government passed a law prohibiting the indoctrination of children in public schools, without parental consent regarding sexual practices and beliefs that are not age appropriate. The law was wrongly labeled, “don’t say gay” by the LBGTQ lobby and protested by Disney and other Corporations. Religious freedom is guaranteed by the bill of rights, but excluded from public schools. Where is the right given to LGBTQ or any other group to indoctrinate young school children without parental consent? The double standard and hypocrisy of everyone opposing this Florida law is without merit and should be condemned, rather than merely rejected. Moreover, every elected or appointed official who offers support for the right of anyone including teachers to indoctrinate children against parental consent should be held in contempt and potentially removed from office for dereliction of duty. 

People may speak their mind including deviants, mentally unstable, deluded and wicked people. They may submit their own children to whatever perversion or lunacy they choose. If they do so for religious beliefs, the Federal Government may intervene as Janet Reno did turning tanks and incendiary devices upon the Brach Dravidians killing them and their children. Certain people are trying to override the truth of biology and suggest that gender is a choice a young child should make contrary to scientific fact. Where is their authority to subject other peoples children to their destructive delusions? If school students are subject to indoctrination in perversion, wickedness and delusion, then let’s return God to the classroom, for indoctrination in righteousness, honor, character, truth, justice and mercy.

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