Your Last Act

If you wasted your life, it is unlikely you will be able to finish well, unless the Lord Yeshua intervenes, but anyone who knows the the Lord of Heaven and earth, will finish in one final act worthy of God’s Son, the redeemer of mankind. Who can say they have lived their life for Kingdom purposes? Many will answer they have been good, (just as good as anyone else), lived a good life and treated everyone fairly according to their own values. Nevertheless, in the end there is usually no strength left to do or ever say very much. If we are fortunate we will have had opportunities to serve and love our friends and family, (even enemies) before the end. Many are unconscious in their final hours, but as I told my friend who worried about his mother in this situation. “No one is unconscious to God, they may be unconscious to us, but God knows our innermost heart and thoughts, there is no where He cannot reach.” (Ps. 139:7-16)

In that final moment, I think every Believer will surrender to God in one glorious and final act of contrition. Though there maybe few options remaining, it will be an acceptable act of surrender. Just as Yeshua’s last words on the cross were, “It is finished.” and scripture records, “He gave up His spirit.” (John 19:30) He surrendered one last time to God’s will, rather than His own. When Yeshua prayed in Gethsemane with the sleeping disciples, did He remember that God stayed Abraham’s hand from killing Isaac for the sacrifice? As the Messiah He knew He would die and rise again. (John 2:19)

Our focus is not on death, but life in the presence of Father God and the host of Heaven. Our attention is captured by the Holy Spirit as the love of God is poured out into our hearts. In sacrifice we wait on Him to lead us in His ways, to be watchful and alert to His words and direction. We are surrounded by multitudes of Believers around the world who are worshiping, praying, and praising the King of Glory. Even those in distress are being sustained by His grace and favor and others are giving themselves and their life to Him in sacrifice, to be raised in His presence. “Do all these evildoers know nothing? They devour my people as though eating bread; they never call on the Lord. But there they are, overwhelmed with dread, for God is present in the company of the righteous.” (Psalms 14:4-5)

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