God Perfect in Relationship

Of all the things we could describe about God’s perfect nature, I believe His interpersonal dealing with us might be the last. How many people actually consider a personal relationship with God possible? Such an assertion got Yeshua crucified and those bold enough to speak of it often are ridiculed or ostracized. Of course, scripture is clear and a central message of the Bible is God’s desire for His people. However, the exact nature of that relationship is tenuous, except for Yeshua’s description of His Father. Considerable discord exist regarding many aspects of Yeshua acts, instruction, and teaching, while most agree on the facts wide disparity exists as to their application. For example, some believe His life was unique and unattainable, while others recognize His unique role, but believe His teaching was literally meant to be practiced by His followers, then and today.

I believe Yeshua demonstrated what a relationship with Father God means so His followers could learn and experience it for themselves. (John 16:25-27) Yeshua was God in the flesh, so we know He had a relationship with the Father, but how does that transfer to us? Teachers will instruct us how Yeshua restored the breach of sin between Man and God by His sacrifice on the cross, but their theology includes little about practical details of the relationship that act enabled. The Pharisees assumed they were acceptable to God, but common uneducated people were certainly beneath His approval. Does such pride still linger in organizations whose leaders pretend to mediate between God and “common” Believers? Consider to whom Yeshua first and most directly declared, I am the Messiah. (John 4:7-26) She was a Samaritan woman, uneducated with bad theology, poor and living in sin, but she was expecting the Messiah and believed wholeheartedly. Are God’s perfect standards for His relationships different from ours?

We are imperfect, among the best of us none can claim perfection. How can God set aside His perfection to converse with us? This seeming paradox is accomplished by and through Yeshua, the impartation of Holy Spirit opens the channel of communication and relationship. It’s easy to believe God knows us inside and out, every thought before we think it, but can we believe His love is for us and the challenges we face. Yeshua gives three parables of Heaven’s concern for us; a lost sheep found, a lost coin found, and a lost son found and restored to his father. (Luke 15) There is joy in Heaven when you or I return to God, seeking His counsel, favor, help, deliverance or just desiring His presence. We can’t expect God to be less than He is or to fit into our box, but we can learn and commune with Him through His Spirit within our innermost being. He is able to make His voice heard and well able to translate images, dreams, impressions, and His written word to our understanding. However, we have a responsibility just as any party to a relationship to be honest and trustworthy in our intents, words, and deeds. When we doubt God cares, speaks or hears and responds to our pleas, we have drawn back and turned away from the source of help and communion, whether intending it or not. We cannot manipulate or negotiate as we do with people in order to get what we want from God. He responds to faith and that as a child’s. Let’s return to Him with childlike faith and find a place in His everlasting arms. 

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