Thought Police

The thought police are emerging. They are not exactly what most of us expected, but they are just as outrageous and incomprehensible as anything we could have imagined. In George Orwell’s “1984”, the thought police were government officers who sought to prohibit any free thought or that which was opposed to the Government. So far, our thought police are self-appointed individuals who take up the banner of political correctness and use its unspoken penalty to silence and prohibit free speech and religious thought. One may ask how thoughts can even be detected, but religious expression has already been constrained, such that, silent prayer or the presence of a Bible speaks too loud for the militant secular humanist. The Bible laying upon a desk is offensive to the secularists and he or she is the offended party with the prevailing title of victim. When a person kneels on the football field or stage with head bowed it might be prayer and consequently offensive to secularists who refuse to tolerate any perceived offense. If someone refuses the vaccine, though it does not prevent transmission of Covid, that action may nonetheless endanger someone and it is appropriate to penalize such a dangerous felon. This actually happened in a park where a person having a picnic refused to wear a mask and was shot by a women who ordered them to wear masks to protect the public.

The thought police are real, they are teachers who deny students their constitutional rights of religious expression, free speech and association. They are librarians who forbid the Bible being given away on a free book table. They are people who want parents arrested for questioning school board decisions affecting their children. They are people who will not accept a coach quietly sitting with student athletes as the athletes pray before or after a sporting event. These are deceived people who do not believe in the US Constitution, the bill of rights or the freedoms and liberties they establish and protect. They believe political correctness establishes the victim as they define and apply it. Newly fashioned genders are a prime example, that demands the redefinition of marriage and the exclusion of male, female, and their associated gender pronouns from our vocabulary. Heretofore, such platitudes and “Newspeak” were just silly, but the coming government enforcement of these positions will result in the loss of all our rights and freedoms. You may lose your job or your business or your children and be subjected to fines or imprisonment. Google, Apple, and Facebook are collecting more personal data and communications than anyone could imagine, even shadow images of children too young to use their traps. It seems impossible to those of us old enough to remember real liberty, but the transformation is happening at light speed. Even now people are afraid to express their opinions and beliefs because the thought police are listening. What do you think, will you dare say it?

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