History Will Show

History is regularly debated, but it has the advantage of the old adage, “Hindsight is twenty twenty”, meaning once all the facts are gathered and subjected to verification, truth emerges. Our corrupt and biased media casts doubt to sway public opinion; they hide damaging information on their political partners, and report erroneous information on their political enemies. There are many examples of this that history has uncovered. It was recently revealed that the investigations and accusations against Donald Trump were false and unfounded from the start. Also, it has been revealed that factual information about Hunter Biden was concealed to help Joe Biden’s campaign for President. Just this week, media was accused of suppressing Conservative votes. Some hold these actions are not criminal because the Media are private companies and have the right to run their business as they choose. Others believe the Media oligarchy has been subsidized by Government and has become part of the public square guaranteed open for all free speech. History will eventually reveal which side of this argument was right, but it could be after the nation has collapsed through the loss of free speech. 

A similar outcome awaits a determination whether the Covid-19 pandemic was contrived, manipulated and managed for political purposes or whether the actions taken were warranted, accurately basis on facts and truthfully reported. History will show the origin of the virus and the parties involved in its creation. History will verify the statistics reported as well as information that has been censured or hidden. For example, there is nothing spoken about side effects or negative symptoms connected to the vaccines. Every drug has negative side effects, but the lack of any mention whether and to what extent these “vaccines” have negative consequences has been blacked out. The Florida Surgeon General submitted a study indicating that over a hundred thousand deaths could have been due to side effects causing heart problems for men between 18-39. He was initially censured, but later allowed to report these findings. 

Already, Dr. Fauchi has been shown by history to have been grossly in error about his predictions and recommendations, including potential involvement in its creation. It may show the entire pandemic was overstated and used for political and economic purposes. We already know that the major vaccines were not true “vaccines”, in that they neither prevented contracting Covid, nor prevented its spread by those who took the vaccine. History will show the cost of destroying the American economy for what already appears to have been a fraud when analyzed against accurate statistics and facts. What is usually true about the light of Historical truth, may also hold with respect to the Politicians and their accomplices in the Media – no one will be held to account. History proved the 2008 economic downturn was created by Democrat politicians demanding that mortgage lenders make unsound loans to minorities, which eventually collapsed the mortgage back securities market and specifically, American General’s guarantee thereof. The Federal Government took unprecedented steps to back all these loans worldwide at a cost of at of eight Trillion dollars to the American public. Not one person was held to account for this travesty of ineptitude, fraud, incompetence and potential crime. Who will be held responsible for the Covid fraud, besides the American public? History will show those who fail to keep their oaths of office or collude in their lies, “But if you fail to do this, you will be sinning against the Lord; and you may be sure that your sin will find you out.” (Numbers 32:23)

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