The Junta Government

It is illegal for any political party to use Government Resources in a partisan political attack upon opposing parties. This is the stuff of third world dictators and puppet governments, who seek to solidify their junta regime and control beyond legal limits. An out of control party gets away with this unlawful action with the assistance of a biased press that is not independent, but a corrupt partner in collusion against all opposition. This can only happen when the media is a monopoly/oligarchy as we currently have in America, or Nazi/Communist governments. An independent press would report illegal government action. Historically, one of the greatest achievements in media has been to bring to light corrupt politicians. In the early 1970’s, Vice President Spiro Agnew was ousted from office for tax evasion. Later the Nixon Administration was defeated by media that ran non-stop TV coverage of “Watergate Hearings”. I remember it well, it was boring detail and the public was tiring of the whole episode until Nixon’s “private” tape recordings were discovered and aired publicly. Nixon was not guilty of the break in, but of trying to cover up his knowledge of it – deemed an abuse of power. The tapes revealed Nixon as a vulgar, vindictive, disreputable person and he resigned.

In the 1970’s, Media had a liberal bias that increased until it publicly announced partnering with the Democrat party under the Obama administration. At that time, an oligarchy of media/high-tech platforms began collaborating to control main stream reporting. This partnership produced a propaganda machine that promoted harmful reports on opposing parties and censored negative reports on Democrats. In concert, the Obama administration unleashed the “Deep State”, made up of critically selected and placed Democrat executives in Federal agencies, particularly the NSA, DOJ, and FBI. When Donald Trump was elected, the Deep State, Democrat Congress, and Media Oligarchy implemented its partisan attack focused on the Trump Administration. General Mike Flynn was the first casualty, followed by others, eventually Trump was politically impeached twice, but found not guilty by the Senate. Ongoing accusations and investigations of Trump continue today. 

Any independent observer can see the Democrats and their Media propaganda partners are using Government agencies, Congress, and the Public Square in a weaponized fashion against Donald Trump, former President and main targeted opponent. Just recently one smaller media firm admitted censoring Hunter Biden reports in order to help Joe Biden get elected. The evidence of all this is overwhelming, but no one can do anything about it because the rule of law has been suspended by the Democrat/Media Junta that has taken over America. Only the Supreme Court still operates independently of the Junta, but it too acquiesced in the Democrat Junta. Numerous American citizens have been locked away in a gulag while the Junta’s January 6th Committee presses forward with a fake insurrection investigation. Citizens are guaranteed a speedy trial, where is the rule of law? When and if, Donald Trump is incarcerated on false accusations, with fraudulent evidence, before a Junta Judge and jury, will the public even take notice of this public criminal injustice?

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