Egg Shortage

We currently see egg prices at $8.00 per dozen. Of course, the internet suggests it is related to the avian flu, but that flu has been around since 2014. Consider the recent past, inflation in general, pandemic related mandates, and Joe Biden’s Central Planning administration. These people believe they know what is better for you than you do. They have ideological policies behind every action they take. The gas supply was ruined to save us from global warming. They do not weight what hardship and chaos their actions may bring upon the average citizen. An open border with payments of food, education, and health care for every immigrant has strained charitable resources and budgets in many states and cities which are overrun with illegal migrants looking for handouts. The supply chain was wrecked by Joe Biden’s lock down policies. People were under threat of losing their jobs if they didn’t surrender to the shot of an experimental drug that was not a vaccine with no testing against harmful side effects. Even after the Supreme Court struck down his mandate, many in the military were discharged from critical positions and necessary skills for opposing the mandate. Joe Biden is all about his power. In the current avian flu you can be certain that his cronies in the CDC or FDA or Farm agencies were forced to cause an indiscriminate killing of multitudes of chickens whether they had the flu or not. Biden policy is formulated on what a few “experts” consider is the best thing to do across the entire country. Dr. Fauci is a prime example with false estimates and drastic measures predicated on anything, but facts. 

America is in the hands of a few tyrants and/or a committee of despots that seek to control every facet of the economy, individual freedom, and society, not to mention the “Deep State” bureaucracy which ranges from education to public safety. America is a republic of individual states, except for specifically stated areas given to the Federal Government in the Constitution, such as military, immigration, foreign policy and fiscal currency. There is no authority for most of Joe Biden’s executive orders and the coverup of the media makes it difficult to connect true cause with effect. Tyrants like Biden set no limit on how much persecution and oppression the American people must endure as Biden seeks to implement a socialist state. He has admitted much of this after the fact, when pressed, but it is of little consequence because the Media continues its coverup and we have an electorate that thrives on hate and self-interest, rather than truth and liberty and our founding principles.

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