Threat of Loss

We have people in our lives we love, for some this love is close and warm on the surface of our heart for various reasons, others we love just as deeply, but they don’t command our attention in the same way. Our children and grandchildren are good examples. As these children grow they encounter dangers and threats from evil within society and the world at large. We all make decisions and choose paths, some are risky, filled with dangers, others are simply wrong and some are very serious. We have experienced our own failings and bad choices, many in private, some more openly. Just a hundred years ago it was not uncommon to lose a child to disease, accident or during birth. Such loses are devastating and take a huge toll on a family and marriage. Today, there are threats that never existed before to children. Child abuse is much more common in current society, with registered sex offenders seemingly all around. The hidden dangers of having a child exposed to people who exploit children sexually by deviants who seek to groom children into future deviants is extremely high and rising in public schools and certain states that promote deviant lifestyles. Of course, there are other circumstances, such as illegal drugs, crime and licentiousness which also put children at risk. 

Parents carry a burden of love for their children and grandchildren. When threats arise, we might double our prayer and watchfulness, but there is only so much that we can do directly against the threats. We cry out to God as threats are not just physical, but also spiritual. We realize our weakness. How will we deal with a son or daughter who chooses the wrong path as they near adulthood? How will we stand before God? Countless parents face prodigal children and suffer while attempting to cope and pray with faith for these prodigals. Personally, we have some experience and encouragement, but nothing is as necessary as the presence of God in situations beyond our influence. We might be tempted to pull away, but that is no help. We need to maintain our love and availability without compromise of the truth. We have made our own mistakes and seek mercy still. Our hope, faith and trust must remain in God Almighty. Ask for a continued outpouring of His love and trust in Yeshua. “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.” (Psalms 46:1) Remember it is not in this life only that our hope endures. (Heb. 12:39-40)

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