Worldview of Mercy

We can see America is divided, on political issues, gender identity, culture and social issues, Religion versus secularism and much more, but what is the underlying cause? There are two major worldviews colliding in America. A worldview is a framework of values, principles and beliefs through which a person perceives the world and understands reality. 

The traditional worldview is Christian, built upon the Bible, the Ten Commandments, family, Founding American principles of liberty, justice and Constitutional republic of the People. These Judeo-Christian tenants have been tested and accepted in generations over two hundred years. Today, several competing and cooperating worldviews oppose this traditional Christian worldview as hatred of all things traditional or Christian unites them. They are products of multiculturalism, socialism, secular humanism, identity politics, Black power/racism and LGBTQ wokeness. These two worldviews are like continents colliding, such that one or both will be obliterated.

Scripture recognizes we all have a fallen human nature, so God will have mercy on all. (Romans 11:32) He sent His Son, Yeshua, (Jesus’ Hebrew name) to give his people the knowledge of salvation through the forgiveness of their sins, by the tender mercy of God, like the rising sun from heaven shining on those living in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide them to Peace and Salvation. (Luke 1:76-79) The God of the Bible is loving, compassionate and merciful. 

Mercy and justice kiss, but mercy triumphs. Mercy apart from justice is chaos and meaningless, but God’s mercy is effectual. Fairness is the enemy of justice and mercy. It is a human idea, like the slogan of “choice” in promoting the killing of infants in the womb, or  “Identifying” as a gender different from biological fact. There are many lies used to confuse people and hide the truth. Pilate said, “What is truth,” before ordering Yeshua to be crucified. God’s word is Truth and the Bible is a tested and trustworthy guide. Secular Humanist, Communist, and Tyrants mold their slogan’s contrary to truth in order to gain control to justify wicked and evil practices, policies and plans. Such a worldview can redefine marriage, an institution understood for over five thousand years of history, but now including two people of the same sex. It is this flawed thinking which deludes parents to think the Bible is too violent for children. Violence and evil are of the world, the Bible puts it in a context of God’s authority, mercy, justice and love. Beware the thinking, arguments, worldview and ways of men who have rejected the very source of Truth itself.

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