Revival Stopped

The President of Asbury University replied to those who questioned why the revival was stopped. His reply was, “We can’t stop what we didn’t start.” This answer is a political marvel, in that it acknowledges the revival was started by students without the approval or sanction of University Administration, but the suggestion that it could not be stopped by them is ludicrous. The Jewish leaders stopped Yeshua’s ministry in Israel and it has been stopped there to this day. Yes, God can not be thwarted in His plan, but people like king Saul can exclude themselves from what He is doing, moreover, self reliant leadership can lead the people astray. The stated reasons for stopping this revival was the public was overflowing, thus the leadership along with local authorities were restoring order. That “order” is the business of Asbury University.

The response goes on to suggest that the revival has been transferred elsewhere and is spreading, but there is no material evidence of it. Finally, he complements the University staff in their service and charity to the public and for allowing the revival while it lasted. Such statements are the stuff of political subterfuge, a little truth and a fat lie. Sadly, it seems one cannot assume the presidency of a university without such prowess. God tests men as He did Saul, who showed his true character or lack thereof. Yeshua chided Chorazin and Bethsaida where He was not able to do many miracles because of their lack of faith. (Matt. 11:21) I wonder if the  leaders who refused to take possession of the promised land could not have crafted a similar response to justify their refusal to trust God. “We didn’t choose to come here, if God wanted us to possess this land, He would have made our opponents weak. We can’t stop God, He could just give us the land without our agreement.”

I forgive these men and pray they will come to see their motives which are so obvious. They have a University to run and tuition to earn. They have professors who must teach. Who are the public to come upon their property and facilities and expect anything other than that which they are given? Yeshua had multitudes to deal with and He fed, healed and taught them. No, these men are not Yeshua, nor do they have faith that Yeshua will provide what is best. With faith one asks, “What would God do by His Spirit through people who offered themselves fully to His purposes?” Is the God of the Bible truly Good? Was He merciful and just to Israel, even as they rejected and rebelled against Him?

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