Nationalized Industry

This is an often used method by dictators and coups to consolidate their power and usurp control from legitimate governments. In a Republic the power is vested in the people as provided in our Constitution. During the Clinton administration, Hillary Clinton proposed nationalizing the entire healthcare industry. It was described as an attempt to provide socialized medicine to everyone. After it was rejected by the people, it was discovered that her plan called for funding by taxes on tobacco products. However, this ridiculous counter productive reasoning never came out during the initial debate and consideration. Several years later, Obamacare was passed, though it’s stated design as a mandatory government health insurance plan was unconstitutional. Only Chief Justice Roberts ludicrous and flawed ruling saved it by recharacterizing the payments as a tax. Shortly thereafter we learned the design was meant to collapse and change into a single payor government plan to provided socialized medicine. Most of the thing was repealed but some of it retained for political reasons. The public was opposed to Obamacare by large percentages from its outset. The American people did not want a socialized replacement to the world’s best healthcare system, a blend of private, public, for profit, and charitable organizations and businesses. 

Now in our post Covid society, we see the pharmaceutical industry was essentially nationalized by our Government in response to what was thought to be the worse pandemic in history. Covid was politicized on many levels all with the purpose of fundamentally transforming America. If the government under Joe Biden (actually run by unknown others) could mandate personal behavior it would be a license to carryout their complete design which has yet to be fully disclosed. All sorts of mandates were ordered from masks, to shots (of vaccine which wasn’t a vaccine), to travel restrictions, workplace conditions, church attendance, and free speech, the efficacy of therapeutic drugs, hidden vaccine side effects, statistics on the pandemic, it’s origin and a host of other topics that were deemed false, dangerous and thereby worthy of censure by the oligarchy of Big Tech/Media barons. The Supreme Court eliminated most government mandates, but not until the Democrat controlled states effected a Coup in the 2020 election, by various pandemic justified irregularities (see the film “2000 mules”). This has not been proven and no Court has ever heard the case on its merits, but much evidence exists and the public at large believes there was significant widespread corruption in the “Battleground” states. A case brought forward by 14 or more states was dismissed outright. There is now a presumption the truth no longer matters and given the distortions, omissions, censorship and direct lies in major Media, it appears to be a moot point. Will other industries be nationalized in the coming months as hyperinflation, out of control government spending, crime, stagflation, destroyed supply chains, and a government opposed to the people continues its insurrection of America? 

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