Diabolical Plan

The Diversity plan of the Woke movement is a divide and conquer strategy. Identity politics divides political power into groups, taken from the EEO protected classes. From what were these initial groups to be protected? Discrimination in hiring and later, house buying opportunities, under the principle that discrimination upon the basis of certain “uncontrollable factors” are irrelevant to all “qualified” individuals. I added uncontrollable as a person does not control his or her race, age, nation origin, color, gender, religion or disability. It was a reasonable idea to stop discrimination upon irrelevant factors, until it was decided gender was not subject to science, but a person’s own mental identification, similarly with sexual orientation. From antiquity until 1986, when the Supreme ruled homosexuality acceptable, deviant sexual orientation and practice had been a psychological mental disorder. Pedophilia, if acted upon was a criminal act. Sexual abuse of minors was a factor frequently present in sexually disoriented individuals. Grooming is the act of preparing a minor for a perverts sexual offense. This is ongoing in America today, with permission in certain areas and people who support the Woke movement. It is sanctioned by the inappropriate inclusion of sexual perversion and gender dystopia as protected classes under EEO law. Medical professionals cooperate with new surgical and pharmaceutical procedures altering physical gender appearance and/or eliminating normal sexual function. In essence surgeons are crafting new “trans” genders, neither male nor female, that together with their mental psychosis are being recognized as legitimate distinct genders. 

The critical factor is political power, by distorting “protection” afforded under EEO laws to “preferential”. Minority preference, rather than protection against discrimination, was supported by a policy rule called “Affirmative Action”. It was not law, but a policy to give minorities an additional preference to increase their representation in the work force. This gradually morphed into the idea of Diversity as courts applied racial quota’s as a measure of racial hiring decisions. What was established to prevent racial discrimination was turned into legalization of discrimination via preferences based upon race, gender, etc. Various politicians used this as a success political weapon and it was expanded to encompass identity politics for every minority class, irrespective of facts or reasonableness. Women argued successfully they were underrepresented and/or underpaid. LBGTQ argued they were abused everywhere all the time. Each group sought preferences in hiring quotas, college acceptance, scholarships, social standing, government assistance and anything they could imagine. Finally, the preferred class of minorities formalized its attack upon the evil majority, “White people”, with Critical Race Theory, (CRT) which accused them all of inherit systematic racism. Apparently, it is not enough to garner a preference over others, but necessary to destroy those who are not a minority. The Diversity plan has reached its fulfillment in a divided nation, under siege, locked in battle against itself, each faction against each other and all against the “White people”.

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