Sin of Presumption

This is an idea that is taken to be true, and often used as the basis for other uncertain ideas, with arrogance. In scripture we see many presumptions leveled at Yeshua as accusations, arguments and traps. When Yeshua was condemned to crucification the soldiers and those around made presumptive statements, such as, “He saved others; let him save himself if he is God’s Messiah, the Chosen One.” (Luke 23:35) They acknowledged His miraculous healing and deliverance, presuming He would save Himself. He had thwarted their attempts to capture and stone Him on two occasions. (Luke 4:28-30; John 8:59) When we presume, we fall into a snare of our own making. The Pharisees presumed Yeshua was born in Nazareth, but He was born in Bethlehem as foretold in scripture. This was no secret among those who knew Him including Mary His Mother, so it could have been determined, but they didn’t really care about the truth, as they ignored and denied His miracles. Sometimes we prefer to presume, lest the truth condemns us. 

Another area of presumptuous action is when we get ahead of the leading of the Holy Spirit. We see things we would like God to do and seek to make it happen with our effort. These often appear to be “good” things like healing, deliverance or acts of devotion, but without  the Spirit we can do nothing. King Saul is an example of this as he presumed keeping the animals of his enemies would be good though God had ordered them to be destroyed. (1 Sam. 15:1-23) Saul had been with the prophets and actually prophesied with them, so he had experienced things of God. (1 Sam. 10:6-12) Did it make him proud and self confident? However, the most important act anyone can do before God is to obey Him. The Pharisees presumed healing people was labor and therefore prohibited by the sabbath law, but Yeshua explained doing good on the Sabbath was not work or wrong. (Matt. 12:9-14) 

The essential criteria of moving in step with the Holy Spirit’s leading is submission and surrender to Him in humility. God deserves and demands the Glory, therefore, we must keep low and recognize our part is small. It’s not that God is an egotist, He knows that power can destroy us through pride, consider Satan. (Isaiah 14:13-15) Moreover, we don’t have the understanding necessary to act according to God’s will. We can’t see and fully know peoples hearts and future, so we would heal those who are not ready for it and leave sick those who are. Presumptively moving apart from the Spirit of God only results is bad consequences. (Consider Ai, Joshua 7 and the Gibeonites, Joshua 9) If you want to move in step with the Spirit, be courageous, commit to remain a humble nobody giving God all glory, and abandon your human rationalization and presumption.

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