Election Day Prayer

Heavenly Father, thank you that we can go to the polls and vote for our political leaders.

Thank You for any God-fearing candidates who are on the ballots.  Give them wisdom and boldness to represent positions that support Your Word and Your Will.

Help us to be good stewards with our financial resources so that we don’t selfishly burden future generations or other citizens by voting for candidates that promise short-term financial gain.

Give us wisdom and discernment as we decipher the varying views and political rhetoric.  Open our eyes, so that we are not deceived by untruths and mischaracterizations of others.

Guide us to stand against sin, immorality, rebellion and lawlessness with our vote.  Help us to not justify our sins or the sins of others.  Bring clarity to issues that are an offense to You.  Shine light on our path; guide our decisions and our vote.

Unite Your church in one accord and one voice as we stand up for issues that align with Scripture.  Show us those candidates who fear You, glorify You and seek to do Your will.

Let the sins of our country grieve our spirits and drive us to the polls at every opportunity.

O Lord, in your sovereignty you appoint our leaders.  You appoint some who fear You and others who are the result of Your righteous judgments.  We trust You and Only You with this country and world.  Your will be done on earth as it is heaven, forever.  Amen.


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