Don’t Label Me, But Yeshua’s

Politics has been distorted by the secular humanist media and its minions. Traditionally politics referred to discussions of issues promoted by the various political parties. Today, politics has been polluted by identity politics and the tributaries of the various identities, such as gender confusion, racism, social justice, as well as historical issues like government role, limits, and form. A very small group of radicals have been promoted by the media and held up as representative of a majority of Americans. These and terrorists organizations like BLM and Antifa are cast as civil rights organizations, while they are actually racist, communist, anarchist seeking the destruction of traditional America.

The leaders of the internal enemy of America want destruction in order to initiate their reorganization in the crisis aftermath. Racial wars, civil war, outright rebellion, widespread terrorism, anarchy, financial collapse, continuing pandemics, or anything that can bring national crisis is the goal of the Democrat party and the humanist media. This sounds outlandish, but not in light of the failed coup perpetrated by the Deep State, followed by the impeachment of President Trump for what Joe Biden actually did. On top of all this the DOJ, FBI, police, courts and those who process justice under the law have taken no action against any illegality.

In this backdrop, you and I are being labeled as intrinsically racist, homophobic, bigots, and deplorable because we believe in the God of the Bible and rights clearly enumerated in the Constitution. I appreciate your desire to have less political controversy, conflict or adversity, but this cannot be accomplished in an atmosphere of such serious accusation, name calling, violence, illegal rioting and rampant injustice. The time where people argued about various policies that would be best for the nation has been abolished. While we still hope for changes in policy that would improve our nation, our opponents in the media, Deep State and leaders of the Democrat Party have discarded politics in exchange for a mass personal attack on historical Americans.

I refute the allegations and accusations by the enemies of American that I’m racist, chauvinist, or any other derogatory label they use to defeat or disarm the true majority of honorable, law abiding, working, God fearing, citizens of traditional America. I don’t say this in hate or as a threat in retaliation. These enemies are antithetical to all things God given or ordained. We have only love for the lost, our enemies who are facing the wrath of God, just as we were before Yeshua, (Jesus’ Hebrew name) saved us through His grace. We will not be manipulated or controlled by the world system our enemies serve. Among the congregation of Believers, in spite of our fallen human nature, we exhibit the nature and teachings of Messiah, Yeshua. Our Kingdom is that of God Almighty, an everlasting Kingdom, not of this fading world. Our prayer is that the eyes of your heart will be opened and you will come to faith in Yeshua, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  

Tyrants Rise

In the free world government leaders are elected by the people or their representatives. In communist countries or dictatorships the ruling group is kept in power by the military or state police. Hitler was not elected, he cheated to get a foothold, then took over and abolished traditional German government. The nation was in crisis financially and the people were deceived into believing many lies. 

This upcoming election has indications of similarity to the rise of tyrants like Hitler. There has been accusations by Obama that the election will be rigged or fixed. The Democrats have a history of doing that which they accuse others of doing. They are aligned with an oligarchy of internet/media corporations that possess so much information about every American it is scary. When they cannot get direct information on someone, they build a fantom or shadow identity to represent children or others whom they cannot directly identify. These corporations, the Deep State actors and Democrat politicians could easily produce fake people and fake ballots in a mail-in Covid-19 fake election. In recent close elections in Blue States and precincts boxes of absentee ballots mysteriously appeared and were allowed in the count. 

However, fraud alone is not enough and multiple schemes are usually involved. This election can be stolen by simply running Joe Biden, who is clearly lacking cognitive function and getting worse daily. When he is declared the winner and takes office, the Democrats can assert the 25th amendment anytime they chose to put the Vice President into office, which would be Kamala Harris. Joe Biden did not win nomination by the votes of Democrat voters, he was appointed when all the other candidates resigned. Who convinced them to concede and upon what terms? Bernie Sanders was likewise fraudulently eliminated by Hillary Clinton’s super delegates. 

Fake investigations, fake impeachment and fake news propaganda everyday is the product of Democrat/Media socialists. If lying, a failed coop, and fraud upon the courts are acceptable, fixing an election is no crime either. What may be contrived to thwart constitutional foundations of government in America is no less than the usurping of power that brought forth Adolph Hitler, Hugo Chavaz, Benito Mussolini, Kim Jong Un, and the Communist Party. The people were fooled, but there was no going back once the power was stolen. 

Today, there is a small but growing minority of confused, self-righteous, socialists, communists, racists, perverts, and zealots who would do anything to remove Donald Trump and prevent a return of American greatness. They are in league with a Democrat party that is as radical and opposed to America as many of our foreign enemies. Also, the oligopoly of internet/media Corporations are a powerful propaganda ally in this axis of anti-american sentiment. An unwitting compliant majority still exists that desires traditional American values, but only the power and right to vote stands in the gap between liberty and tyranny. When your city mayor can order you to stay in your house, wear a mask, and any other thing they desire without any legal or constitutional authority, the enemies of America believe times are right for an overthrow and takeover. When they tell you that Joe Biden has been elected and within months Kamala Haris is sworn in as President, then who is to blame? 

Annoucement to the Deep State

Today the leader of the Deep State, the ongoing coup, and enemy of America gave an announcement to his followers regarding their next offensive. This is veiled as merely another accusation against President Trump in the media, but the rank and file understand its true directive. This is not the first, consider the early accusations of Russian collusion, during the campaign, that signaled the use and assistance of foreign operators in a two-fold purpose: 1) disguise Democrat involvement of foreign interests to impact the US election results, and 2) lodge accusations that Trump was doing so himself. Investigations and constant lies followed with no evidence except fraudulent corrupt Democrat actors. The next Deep State announcement was regarding the need for new algorithms to monitor and control internet communications. This was followed by the disclosure in Senate hearings that the oligarchy of internet/media platforms were secretly censoring public debate illegally. Once again the two-fold purpose had been put into effect, to disguise Democrat illegality and accuse others of what the Democrats were actually doing. The most recent announcement involved an accusation that Trump would refuse to accept the legitimacy of a forthcoming national mail-in election. This is code for, 1) we will fix this election, buy created fake ballots and other means to fraudulently generate Democrat votes, particularly in blue states which we fully control, and 2) accuse Trump of fixing the next election, so we can refuse to accept if he wins.

The cold war of America’s destruction is on-going, since none of the perpetrators have been brought to justice, beginning with Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Adam Schiff and many lesser lieutenants in the enemies force. Moreover, much of the evidence has come to light, but it has been ignored by the authority’s. No war is ever concluded until one side is defeated or surrenders. The Korean war was halted by agreement and converted to a cold war. The Vietnam war was settled with agreement for America’s withdrawal, the Cold war with the USSR ended with the bankruptcy of the Soviets. The Palestinian war continues via terrorism as does the Afghanistan war. The secular humanists have not surrendered with the election of Donald Trump. Barack Obama stated that he planned to remain politically active. The Media is censoring and expanding its propaganda campaign. Not only is the Cold war in America heating up with organized funded riots by anarchists and sympathizer Democrat politicians, it is entering a new phase of attacks, while the majority of Americans don’t even know there is a conflict other than between ideologies.

The biggest recent challenge to America’s existence was the illegal acts of Richard Nixon and his subsequent cover up. Nixon’s resignation ended the threat, because it represented a legal settlement between the parties. The extent of illegality we are faced with today makes the Nixon affair seem as a pittance. Unless a trial is held to address these public violations of law, the anarchists, their organizers, their leaders, and the plans of the leader of the Deep State will continue unabated. The entire election process and the right of the people to vote stands in the balance.

From Silent Coup to…

I heard of a survey that asked what was the likelihood of a civil war in America? A very large percentage thought it was high, with a significant percentage of those thinking it could happen within five years. This intrigued me and as I thought about it, I agreed that it is very possible, if we continue on this path. There have been at least two recent attempts to overthrow our government. The first was the Obama Administration’s FBI, CIA, DOJ coup to oust President Trump, followed by a fraudulent impeachment proceeding based on a phantom quid pro quo charge. In each of these attempts the Democrat party had actually committed the crimes for which Trump was accused; colluding with foreign governments and coercing/bribing for personal benefits. Hillary Clinton was involved in the first and Joe Biden in the second case. Fortunately, these attempts failed to achieve their intended purpose. The covid-19 pandemic with its exaggerated predictions and actions by Democrat governors and mayors to destroy the American economy was another attack on America with the aid of the major media. Just as we are recovering, the enemies of liberty funded and organized race riots across the nations big cities in response to one horrific police brutality incident. These were encouraged in Democrat states and cities. What is the next attack? Who is devising, funding, and organizing these ongoing attacks? Why is there no response other than pandering and compromising with the Democrats, biased and incompetent medical experts, rioters, and terrorist organizations?

If there was an enemy devoted to your destruction how far would you go to protect yourself and secure freedom from future attacks? We can’t control the future, but we can insist that the law is followed, and hold those who are responsible to account. We can not prevent attacks on America, as Islamic terrorists demonstrated in 2001, but we can identify the enemy and capture them. If we do nothing but pander to these assailants we are moving directly toward civil war. A civil war would achieve the goal these enemies of America desire. All the rioters may not be criminals, but the ring leaders are. When will those who instigated and carried out the coup against Trump be brought to trial, such as, James Comey and all the others? 

Obviously, the Democrats and socialist media will not participate, but rather, seek to thwart justice, yet the evidence is overwhelming and clear. Until, the organizer(s) behind all these attacks are exposed there will continue to be one crisis after another in an effort to ruin and/or overthrow America. When the riots eventually subside, having served their purpose to destabilize and divide the country, what weapon will the anarchists detonate next? An enemy that fails will continue until he is successful or defeated. It is folly to think these attacks will subside on their own or through Congressional pandering. Those who are behind these unprecedented attacks on our nation will not stop until they are defeated or trigger a civil war. Moreover, the Deep State is still at large, riots and destructive economic policies are ongoing while the enemy is hatching its next, pre-election crisis as we sit in a daze, unable to recognize either the enemy or the political warfare that is all around us.

Who is Responsible?

The division in this country is widening as the Democrat controlled House of Representatives voted to impeach President Trump without specifying or evidencing a crime as required by the Constitution. One group of socialists are pleased that their party took this action, while the other group who elected Trump are unhappy with this partisan sham of an impeachment. This most recent division is preceeded by numerous other divisive actions that are part of a calculated, planned and purposeful attempt to destroy American as it was founded, from within.

It’s not merely differences of opinion that divide people. All through our history as a nation there have been differences about what policy is best, without the level of anger we see today. This is a scheme promoted by the national liberal media and the secular Humanists that control it. Every report, story, and article is categorized by race, gender, age, national origin and/or religion. Statistics are kept to fashion various suppositions and pit one group against another. No longer are stories told of heroic people, but rather, heroic women, or hero’s of a particular race. New groups are being created daily. For example, we are told that there are more than two genders and these new fabricated genders are victims and deserving of preferencial treatment. Certain cities have been designated by the media as “Santuary Cities”, as they refuse to recognize federal immigration law. This divide is rooted in a new concept to open our borders flooding the country with a new dependent maliable population.

The basis and examples of divisions are too many to track or even catalog. New groups and their associated causes arise every news day. Relativity is being distorted as vigorously as the urgency of the new issues. Even the smallest groups are presented as though it represents a massive group, while it is usually an insignificant percentage of the population and it’s claims are a hoax. These lies and deceptive tactics are evidence of a purpose to divide and conquer America from within. That purpose is to fracture the American identity which supports a common culture and unity of purpose. It is not enough to wreck the economy, bankrupt the nation, or make everyone wards of the State, there must be no unity. The culture and tradition of the Israeli people, founded in the Jewish religion, was so powerful that it preserved the national identity over thousands of year in spite of the dispersion of its people and taking of their land. Even our national sports are under attack by the Media’s efforts to politicize the games and players by race, gender and political preference. A national sport unifies the nation and unity in anything other than the secular state is contrary to Humanistic goals of globalism, multiculturalism, and ultimately a one world totalitarian government. American sovereignty as an independant nation must be destroyed to fulfill their objective of changing America into a subservient group of warring insignificant factions.

The media, including the oligarchy of Internet social media platforms, have admitted that they are controlling the information contained in their massive databases and presented in their networks with the use of algorithms that eliminate or bury information, opinion, and facts that are contrary to their secular Humanist objectives and views. In fact, these same organizations cooperated with the Obama Democrats to promote their attempt to change the past election. This may sound like conspiratorial hype, but it is factual and obvious to any objective aware person. The Media has such power and confidence that they no longer try to hide or disquise their bias, motives and actions. All the while they asserted that Russia was meddling in our election, they were conducting a coup to overthrow America from within.

Many people are beginning to call for a return to longstanding American values and principles and the election of Donald Trump is evidence of this movement. However, it remains to be seen whether the significant progress made by the Media by instituting political correctness, social/cultural division, the Deep State, and much more can be reversed. The CEO’s of the giant media/internet oligopoly and their Democrat comrades don’t seem to be letting up whatsoever. Will the American people hold these organizations responsible for all the lies and division they have fomented? Will the silent coup against a duly elected President prevail by a Democrat controlled House of Representatives that has abused it’s authority via a sham impeachment? Can the unity of the American melting pot be restored in our day? Is there an enemy within who has breeched the gates and is attacking the foundations of American identity? Only time and the will of a free people will tell whether truth, justice and the American way will survive.