Tyrants Rise

In the free world government leaders are elected by the people or their representatives. In communist countries or dictatorships the ruling group is kept in power by the military or state police. Hitler was not elected, he cheated to get a foothold, then took over and abolished traditional German government. The nation was in crisis financially and the people were deceived into believing many lies. 

This upcoming election has indications of similarity to the rise of tyrants like Hitler. There has been accusations by Obama that the election will be rigged or fixed. The Democrats have a history of doing that which they accuse others of doing. They are aligned with an oligarchy of internet/media corporations that possess so much information about every American it is scary. When they cannot get direct information on someone, they build a fantom or shadow identity to represent children or others whom they cannot directly identify. These corporations, the Deep State actors and Democrat politicians could easily produce fake people and fake ballots in a mail-in Covid-19 fake election. In recent close elections in Blue States and precincts boxes of absentee ballots mysteriously appeared and were allowed in the count. 

However, fraud alone is not enough and multiple schemes are usually involved. This election can be stolen by simply running Joe Biden, who is clearly lacking cognitive function and getting worse daily. When he is declared the winner and takes office, the Democrats can assert the 25th amendment anytime they chose to put the Vice President into office, which would be Kamala Harris. Joe Biden did not win nomination by the votes of Democrat voters, he was appointed when all the other candidates resigned. Who convinced them to concede and upon what terms? Bernie Sanders was likewise fraudulently eliminated by Hillary Clinton’s super delegates. 

Fake investigations, fake impeachment and fake news propaganda everyday is the product of Democrat/Media socialists. If lying, a failed coop, and fraud upon the courts are acceptable, fixing an election is no crime either. What may be contrived to thwart constitutional foundations of government in America is no less than the usurping of power that brought forth Adolph Hitler, Hugo Chavaz, Benito Mussolini, Kim Jong Un, and the Communist Party. The people were fooled, but there was no going back once the power was stolen. 

Today, there is a small but growing minority of confused, self-righteous, socialists, communists, racists, perverts, and zealots who would do anything to remove Donald Trump and prevent a return of American greatness. They are in league with a Democrat party that is as radical and opposed to America as many of our foreign enemies. Also, the oligopoly of internet/media Corporations are a powerful propaganda ally in this axis of anti-american sentiment. An unwitting compliant majority still exists that desires traditional American values, but only the power and right to vote stands in the gap between liberty and tyranny. When your city mayor can order you to stay in your house, wear a mask, and any other thing they desire without any legal or constitutional authority, the enemies of America believe times are right for an overthrow and takeover. When they tell you that Joe Biden has been elected and within months Kamala Haris is sworn in as President, then who is to blame? 

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