Praying Without Ceasing

pray-without-ceasingI Thessalonians 5:17 reminds us that we are to “pray without ceasing”.  But how is this to be accomplished as we go along in our daily lives? The great confederate general and devout christian Stonewall Jackson once explained how he implemented this in his life after a friend complained about the difficulty of obeying this scriptural command.  Jackson insisted that one could so accustom themselves to prayer, that it could easily be obeyed in a christian’s daily life as follows:

“When we take our meals…there is the grace.  When I take a drink of water, I always pause, as my palate receives the refreshment, to lift up my heart to God in thanks and prayer for the water of life.  Whenever I drop a letter into the box at the post office I send a petition along with it for God’s blessings upon its mission and upon the person to whom it is sent. When I break the seal of a letter just received I stop to pray to God that He may prepare me for its contents and make it a message of good.  When I go to my classroom and await the arrangement of the cadets in their places, that is my time to intercede with God for them. And so of every other familiar act of the day.”

Praying without ceasing means not praying every minute of the day but simply that prayer is the constant attitude of the Christian and is regularly performed, almost without thinking.  As William MacDonald states in the Believer’s Bible Commentary – “We enjoy continual communion with the Lord by prayer.”

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