Ghosts in Hell

hqdefaultC. S. Lewis stated in his book Mere Christianity that “Each day we are becoming a creature of splendid glory or one of unthinkable horror.”  In his book Perelandra Lewis describes how the Garden of Eden scene might have played out on another planet.  A character in the book, Professor Weston, becomes demon possessed and thereafter loses an independent personality as he becomes controlled by Satan and eventually becomes indistinguishable from Satan.  Weston plays the role of tempter of the Eve character (the Lady of Perelandra) and is described as the Un-man.

Lewis describes Weston…in this way – “Up till that moment, whenever he had thought of Hell, he had pictured the lost souls as being still human … If the remains of Weston were, at such moments, speaking through the lips of the Un-man, then Weston was not now a man at all.  The forces that had begun, perhaps years ago, to eat away his humanity had now completed their work.  The intoxicated will which had been slowly poisoning the intelligence and the affections had now at last poisoned itself and the whole psychic organism had fallen to pieces.  Only a ghost was left-an everlasting unrest, a crumbling, a ruin, an ordour of decay.”

Lewis goes on to say that – “There was, no doubt, a confusion of persons in damnation… They were melted down into their Master, as a lead soldier slips down and loses his shape in the ladle held over the gas ring.  The question whether Satan, or one whom Satan has digested, is acting on any given occasion, has in the long run no clear significance.”

Although we cannot know for sure all about the torments of persons cast into Hell except that there will be a lake of fire involved, eternal punishment is sure for those who reject Christ.  I believe Lewis brings an interesting perspective as to what might be the state of the damned souls cast into Hell.  At that point, they will certainly not be the being that God intended them to be when created.  It rings true that these persons might not be more than mere ghosts, a ruin, a horror, unhuman, an un-man or un-women if you please.  We should be motivated to proclaim the Good News of the Bible to help anyone we can avoid this eternal fate.

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