Be of Good Cheer


meme-bible-john-peace-1342009-wallpaperIn reading the Bonhoeffer biography by Eric Metaxas, I was struck by how Bonhoeffer maintained his joy and basic Christian goodness even in the midst of persecution while in prison.  Like Joseph in the Bible, even the prison authorities were drawn to him, finding him genuinely kind and generous – even those guards who were despised by the other prisoners.  Metaxas says that “He was a genuinely good man, a living rebuke to the forces that oppressed them and over which they (both prisoners and guards) had little power.”  He became a confessor to those in the prison – even the guards. Afterward prisoners wrote about…how strong Bonhoeffer was and how he was a comfort and bulwark to those around him even when everyone believed death was at hand.

In thinking about this and the current state of our country, including the flawed candidates for President that have been presented to us, and what may be to come I was reminded of John 16:33 -“In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” We should take Bonhoeffer’s example and “be of good cheer” and unafraid even when hard times are at hand or as we contemplate potential hard times to come in the future.  We can have peace because Jesus has overcome the world and victory over evil is certain.  We should be courageous, despite any tribulation we might face, as we can know that we are on the winning side.

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