Abundent Life is Here

is55There is so much bad news and future dread all around that we all need much good news. Thankfully there is a truthful source of reliable good news – The Bible.  Isaiah 55 is a light in dark places, refreshing the weary and satisfying the hungry and thirsty soul.

God promises:

–  Everyone who thirsts…can come and get sustenance without money, “…and let your soul delight itself in abundance.”

–  Come to God, listen, He will make an everlasting covenant with you, nations will run to you, because of your God and the Holy one of Israel.

–  Seek God and Call on the name of the Lord, reject your wrong ways and thoughts and return to the Lord and He will have mercy and abundantly pardon.

–  His ways and thoughts are not like ours, they are higher, just as the sky is above the earth; like rain coming down watering the earth and producing fruit, His word accomplishes His will, most certainly.

–  For you shall go out with joy and be led forth with peace; instead of thorns and briars, valuable and delightful trees will come up for the Lord’s renown and as an everlasting sign.

God is preeminently good and we His people still live in much doubt, wrong thoughts and choices.  Yet, Jesus knows how to take the garbage in our lives out and restore us.  His word is Good news, His promises are sure and not dependent on our own strength and ability. The flow of His mercy to us is like a river, abundant, full of current washing over us, never-ceasing. These promises are to all who surrender and submit to God, who give up their lives to take on the Life of abundance that God freely offers.

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