This is Not Rocket Science

22I saw a very serious report on a major network national news segment discussing the plans necessary to inhabit Mars as an alternative to Earth.  Mars is a dry rock, without a breathable atmosphere, and incapable of sustaining any existing life.  Simple common sense shows there is no possibility of making it habitable.  The soil and environment will not grow any existing life.  Even in a worse case scenario , it would be much easier to clean up earth, all its water, all its air, all its soil, rather than attempt…to create water, air, and viable soil from the rocks and frozen ammonia on Mars.

There must be another objective and motivation behind those who fund studies on moving the Human race to Mars once we totally destroy earth.  Even if we assume mankind is capable of destroying the entire earth, (which is a huge assumption), why must we move to another planet; it may be easier to live in space than on Mars, and we have done it already.  Perhaps the real motivation is to show that Mankind can create its own world and since we evolved here why can’t we simply evolve to survive on Mars.  It is true that evolution is merely a theory rather than the fact that humanistic science asserts.  Moving to Mars and abandoning Earth would put an end to the concept of a Supreme being/Creator.  However, why wait and go to all the trouble of inhabiting Mars, just posit a new fact, skipping the theory stage, that the human race came here from another planet and the Earth was just like Mars when we arrived, but it took so long to make all the water, air, and soil that we forgot our previous planet, how we did it, and how we got here.

2 thoughts on “This is Not Rocket Science

  1. “It is true that evolution is merely a theory rather than the fact…” Not true, study up! However, I agree that it does not make sense to spend trillions to live in space/Mars when we could change how we live here on earth. Funny thing though, most “Christians” don’t give a damn about protecting our environment. Their vote for Trumpf is further proof.


    1. “Not true, study up”, is arrogant bigotry, you should follow your own advice. The Big Bang blew up your evolution theory, which was voted into fact by a majority of “scientists”. I don’t recall a majority opinion being part of the scientific method. By the way, a slur against President Trump and Christians adds no weight, interest or credibility to your argument or proposition.


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