Judgment and Tolerance

main-qimg-13a3e409d82e5c7dbd17395ae537ba88-cChristians invented tolerance and practice it as a general rule, even though world history may have some specific exceptions.  Of course Hitler claimed to be a Christian, but clearly he was not. Islam knows no tolerance, nor do humanists, atheists, and communists.  Liberal politicians and the liberal media (many of whom are humanists or atheists or socialists) promote “political correctness” and are intolerant of anyone…who violates their concept of what is acceptable speech or belief.   In America they don’t currently have the power to enforce it completely or to cause the government to  punish violators, but that is their objective.  Christianity teaches tolerance because it teaches that God can change a person’s heart, just as he has done for them.  Also, the Bible teaches that we are to leave judgment to God. Humanists/Atheists/Communist have perpetrated most of the genocide and horrific killings of people all over the world.  Perhaps the worst of all is the ongoing slaughter of unborn babies through abortion.  China and Russia/USSR have killed countless members of their respective society’s for political reasons.

While the Bible teaches tolerance and that judgment belongs to God alone, this does not mean that all the truths contained therein should not also be proclaimed and taught. Humanists constantly proclaim their belief in human wisdom, socialism, sexual depravity, evolution, abortion, atheism/agnosticism and other tenants of Humanism.  However, they often hide their true objectives and means; for example, if Planned Parenthood had publicly acknowledged it was selling human baby organs, they would have been shut down.  Christianity has been consistent in its teaching on sin and depravity, but recently with the rise of political correctness and humanism, conflict is rising, as expected from the increase in God-haters, but also from within as some church leaders care more for what society thinks than what the Bible says.  When Christian faith is compared to secular humanism the contrast is stark, just as God is truthful and loving while the Enemy is the father of lies and seeks only to kill, steal and destroy.  God loves his creation, even sinful humans.  He gave the ten commandments, which are good and meant for our good, and He gave His son, Yeshua, to pay the penalty for His people, so that we could have a relationship with a Holy God.  It’s all in the Bible, God’s word.

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