Your God Is Too Small – Part 2


This is a book by J.B. Phillips, a completion of comments about the book, specifically, Constructive.  Phillips takes a very apologetic approach assessing the characteristics necessary to validate the truth of his person as well as, His character.  An adequate God is in sufficient size and focus, meaning in sufficient detail for those who see.  There are several fundamental factors that would be inherent in a God who decided to become a human.  Phillips goes into these in some detail and his rationale is sound.  As it turns out Jesus fulfilled these conditions perfectly.


Phillips addresses certain basics of life by addressing several questions:

– What kind of person is God?

– What is the purpose of life?

– What is really wrong with the world?

– What sort of people does God intend men to be?

– What are we to make of pain, disease, injustice and evil?

– What is the truth about sin and forgiveness?

He comments on these with some interesting observations, but I’m not sure any of these questions could be satisfactorily answered in a page or two.  Several other basic issues are covered in a similar fashion, such as the afterlife, sin and guilt, reconciliation with God, Jesus resurrection, etc.

For a small paperback book this is a well written apologetic for the orthodox Christian faith.  J. B. Phillips is an excellent writer.  I guess once you write a paraphrase of the entire Bible, i.e. Phillips Translation, describing the entire range of Christs’ purpose, validity, teaching and difficult theological questions seems a much smaller objective.

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