When Yeshua Enters

kjv_mark_1-34Our preacher gave an excellent sermon from Mark 1, which I cannot quote, but what I heard were two things.  First, what happens when Jesus  enters the house?  It is transforming, uncomfortable, good to the core of our being, truthful, and what we need most desperately. Yeshua, proclaims the truth that is fulfilled in your hearing.  This will upset many who have little or no faith that God’s word was actually meant to be fulfilled in the Messiah.

Second, Yeshua will not leave a member of our gathering bound captive in the possession of demons.  He drives out demons, not permitting them to speak, but they make a mess as they exit.  This will upset many who have had no interest in the freeing of a tormented demonized person, only that calm, quiet, rational talk and order are not disturbed.  They will consider such a commotion in a worship service, in a church, inexcusable and improper.  In conclusion, our preacher invited Jesus to come in and rule our church gatherings.

What a wonderful suggestion and I believe most of us sincerely desire this, but do we have any faith for the reality of Yeshua’s presence and will to come?  The Holy Spirit was given to each believer for the express reason of producing this result. (1 Cor. 11:18-20; 14:26). How can the existing established form give way to this?  How can any move of God’s Spirit take place in an atmosphere of unbelief?  Nothing is impossible for God. (Matt. 19:26).  He can bring forth children of Abraham from stones. (Matt. 3:5 ).  That is exactly what needs to take place, a miracle of faith springing up, seemingly from nowhere – water gushing forth from a rock. (Exodus 17:6, Ps. 78:15 ).

Lord, Yeshua, we live such small dry lives compared to the abundant overflowing life your word describes.  Please cause us to repent of our unbelief and open our eyes to see you and our ears to hear, that we shall trust and obey your voice.

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